AGT All Stars Eliminated Contestants 2023

The first episode of AGT all-stars featured a total of 10 performances & concluded with two finalists viz Bello Sisters & Light Balance Group, Sadly the remaining 8 performers of the day were eliminated from the show. Here is the list of Contestants who got eliminated in the first episode of AGT all stars 2023.

Sr. No.Contestant NamePrevious Appearance on AGTProfession/ActStatus
1Alan SilvaAGT: S15 – Grand-finalistAerialistEliminated
2Aneeshwar KunchalaBGT: S15 – FinalistPoetEliminated
3BerywamAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S13 – Third PlaceBeat-boxing GroupEliminated
4Jeanick FournierCGT: S2 – WinnerSingerEliminated
5Calysta BevierAGT: S11 – Semi-finalistSingerEliminated
6Jimmie HerrodAGT: S16 – FinalistSingerEliminated
7Lioz Shem TovIsGT: S1 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Participant; AuGT: S9 – Grand-finalist; FGT: S14 – Participant; BGT: S14 – ParticipantComedy MentalistEliminated
8Terry FatorAGT: S2 – WinnerVentriloquistEliminated
AGT All Stars Elimination
1Divyansh & ManurajIGT: S9 – WinnerBeatboxer and FlautistEliminated
2Dustin TavellaAGT: S16 – WinnerMagicianEliminated
3Jackie FabulousAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalistStand-up ComedianEliminated
4Jamie LeaheyBGT: S15 – Runner-upVentriloquistEliminated
5MalevoAGT: S11 – Semi-finalistMalambo Dance GroupEliminated
6Sara JamesAGT: S17 – FinalistSingerEliminated

AGT All Stars Finalists 2023

The second performance that cemented their place in AGT all-stars was Bello Sisters with their energetic performance. Here is the list of AGT all stars finalists of the season so far :

AGT all-stars got it’s first golden buzzer performance on the very first episode of the season. The Ukrainian Dance group Light Balance Dance Group received a golden buzzer from Howie Mondal & became the first contestant to become AGT all stars Finalist 2023.

It seems to be season of kids, In the second episode Detroit Youth Club won the Golden buzzer from Terry crews. The former runner up of AGT season 14 won the hearts with Golden Buzzer. Another contestant to fix the spot in final was Aerialist Aidan Bryant

Sr No.Contestant NameEarly Appearance at AGTAct/ PerformanceStatus
1Light Balance Kids 🌟UGT: S9 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Finalist; DS: S15 – FinalistLight-Up Dance GroupFinalist
2Bello SistersAGT: S15 – FinalistAcrobatic TrioFinalist
3Detroit Youth Choir 🌟AGT: S14 – Runner-upChoirFinalist
4Aidan BryantAGT: S16 – Runner-upAerialistFinalist
AGT all stars Finalists 2023

Upcoming performances on AGT all stars week 2 – week 6

Here is the list of Upcoming performances on AGT all-stars from week 2 to week 6. Among these contestants, 10 More contestants will be advanced to finals where Light balance Group & Bello Sisters are waiting for a tough finale.

Sr No.Contestant NameEarly Appearance at AGTProfession/SpecialityStatus
3Divyansh & ManurajIGT: S9 – WinnerBeatboxer and FlautistEliminated
4Dustin TavellaAGT: S16 – WinnerMagicianEliminated
5Jackie FabulousAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalistStand-up ComedianEliminated
6Jamie LeaheyBGT: S15 – Runner-upVentriloquistEliminated
7MalevoAGT: S11 – Semi-finalistMalambo Dance GroupEliminated
8Sara JamesAGT: S17 – FinalistSingerEliminated
9Tone the ChiefAGT: S8 – Semi-finalistRapperYet to Perform
10Vitoria BuenoDS: S15 – Runner-upDancerEliminated
11Aidan McCannBGT: S14 – FinalistMagicianYet to Perform
12Ana Maria MărgeanRT: S11 – WinnerVentriloquistYet to Perform
13Archie WilliamsAGT: S15 – FinalistSingerYet to Perform
14Avery DixonAGT: S17 – FinalistSaxophonistYet to Perform
15Axel BlakeBGT: S15 – WinnerComedianYet to Perform
16Bir KhalsaAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalist; AuGT: S10 – Semi-finalistDanger GroupYet to Perform
17Brandon LeakeAGT: S15 – WinnerPoetYet to Perform
18Brett LoudermilkAGT: S15 – Semi-finalistSword SwallowerYet to Perform
19Captain RuinAuGT: S9 – Semi-finalistKnife ThrowerYet to Perform
20Cristina RaeAGT: S15 – Third PlaceSingerYet to Perform
21Dance Town FamilyAGT: S15 – Semi-finalistDance GroupYet to Perform
22Daneliya TuleshovaAGT: S15 – FinalistSingerYet to Perform
23Darius MabdaRT: S12 – WinnerDancerYet to Perform
24Dustin’s DojoAGT: S9 – ParticipantComedy Karate GroupYet to Perform
25Emil and DarielAGT: S9 – FinalistCello DuoYet to Perform
26Eric ChienAsGT: S3 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; ChGT: S7 – Finalist; BGTUM: S1 – WinnerMagicianYet to Perform
27Flau’jaeAGT: S13 – Quarter-finalistRapperYet to Perform
28Human FountainsAGT: S14 – Quarter-finalistNovelty Water-spitting ActYet to Perform
29Jasper CherryBGT: S14 – FinalistMagicianYet to Perform
30Josh BlueAGT: S16 – Third PlaceStand-up ComedianYet to Perform
31Keiichi IwasakiItGT: S7 – Semi-finalist; SGT: S3 – Finalist; BuGT: S11 – Finalist; DS: S15 – Finalist; BGT: S15 – Semi-finalistMagicianYet to Perform
32Keren MonteroDGT: S2 – WinnerSingerYet to Perform
33Kodi LeeAGT: S14 – WinnerSingerYet to Perform
34Lukas & FalcoDS: S7 – Winner; AGT: S14 – Semi-finalistDog ActYet to Perform
35Mandy HarveyAGT: S12 – Grand-finalistSinger & UkulelistYet to Perform
36Mervant VeraAGT: S17 – Semi-finalistMagician & RapperYet to Perform
37Mike E. WinfieldAGT: S17 – FinalistStand-Up ComedianYet to Perform
38Mini DroidsBeGT: S7 – WinnerDrone Precision GroupYet to Perform
39Ndlovu Youth ChoirAGT: S14 – FinalistChoirYet to Perform
40Peter AntoniouAGT: S16 – Semi-finalistMentalistYet to Perform
41Peter RosalitaAGT: S16 – Semi-finalistSingerYet to Perform
42Power DuoPGT: S5 – Winner; AsGT: S3 – Third PlaceContemporary Dance DuoYet to Perform
43Robert FinleyAGT: S14 – Semi-finalistSingerYet to Perform
44SethwardAGT: S13 – Participant; AGT: S14 – Participant; AGT: S16 – Quarter-finalist; AGT: S17 – ParticipantNovelty ActYet to Perform
45The Sacred RianaAsGT: S2 – Winner; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; BGTC: S1 – Participant; FGT: S17 – Semi-finalistHorror IllusionistYet to Perform
46Tom BallBGT: S15 – Third PlaceSingerYet to Perform
47Viviana RossiRT: S10 – Participant; AGT: S17 – ParticipantAerialistYet to Perform
48Voices of Hope Children’s ChoirAGT: S13 – Semi-finalistChoirYet to Perform
49World Taekwondo Demonstration TeamItGT: S11 – Finalist; AGT: S16 – Finalist; FGT: S16 – FinalistMartial Arts GroupYet to Perform
50Yumbo DumpAsGT: S2 – Semi-finalist; AGT: S13 – Quarter-finalist; FGT: S14 – Semi-finalist; DS: S13 – Finalist; IsGT: S2 – Participant; GrGT: S7 – ParticipantComic DuoYet to Perform