America’s Got Talent (AGT) is a reality show that has been running successfully since 2006. Currently, the show has got 17 seasons under the guidance of Simon Cowell who is the creator of the show and its executive producer is Ken Warwick. This talent contest is one of the most amazing shows on the planet that will bring back AGT Season 18 in 2024.

Lucky for viewers and fans from all across the globe season 18 will be premiering soon and the expectation date is May 30th 2023. If everything moves accordingly then it will be airing on TV with this time line only. Here’s all you need to know about the AGT audition 2024 Season 18 , venues, application process & more.

America’s Got Talent Audition & Casting Call Season 18

The 18th season has got the green light from the production team and will soon be airing on television as well. The AGT team is currently looking for talents those who wish to take part in the new season. In case you want to be a part of it and want to audition then you can do that too. 

You need to visit the official website and register yourself with your details. Once done, you can submit a video of yourself performing the act that you want to show it to the world. In case you already have a video of yourself performing an act on YouTube then you can have the option to share the link with the AGT team. 

AGT Audition Dates for the new season

You need to just visit the official website and sign up in order to submit a video of yourself performing the act that you want to showcase to the world and as well as the judges of America’s Got Talent. You can either audition online by uploading a video of yourself or you could attend an virtual open call.

This year it is going to be somewhat different when it comes to virtual open call auditions because the AGT team is not going to do in-person calls this year. 

However, virtual auditions are being put to focus by the team because it will be the right way for the team to see and witness your amazing talent. You can also have a question and answer session at the end of your audition with the AGT team or panel members. 

AGT Audition Venues 2024

So far AGT Casting team will be appearing in seven cities as they have announced only seven of them so far. You should register yourself and take part in the audition process so that you have the chance to appear in the show. After you register yourself from the official website you will receive a confirmation mail from the AGT team about the audition venue with time and address. 

When you arrive at the auditioning place you should be looking for AGT staff member so that you can get your audition number and bracelet or any other crucial items that are required during auditioning. In case your city did not appear as a audition venue then do not worry because there are many cities that the team hasn’t revealed yet. 

AGT Application Process 2024 Season 18

The application process is done completely online based as most other reality shows does. This is because a large crowd would be applying at the same time and it would become a hefty work for the team which is why online applications are much easier for both the team and as well as for the applicants. 

Before applying for AGT’s upcoming season which is its 18th season you need to be eligible first. Make sure that you go through the terms and conditions and as well as the rules and regulations thoroughly so that later it does not become an issue. After application process if your application seems fit to the team then you will be put through through the executive directors. 

Deadline For America’s Got Talent Audition

The upcoming season of the reality show has not been canceled yet but on the other hand, it still did not get the greenlight. However, the premiering date is expected to be in May 30th 2023 for the 18th season which means that auditions has already started and the last date for its audition is March 25th at 11:59 PM PST. 

The application process can be done before that which one can easily do it by visiting the official website of AGT. If your application is selected then you will receive information for the audition process on your mail that you have provided while signing up. Make sure that you have entered all details correctly. 

How To Apply For AGT Auditions Season 18

The 18th season of the reality show is not canceled yet but it did not get the greenlight as well. However, interested candidates can fill out the application form online from the official website of AGT’s website. Make sure that you are an eligible candidate in order to apply for the audition process. 

The audition process is as simple as it can be because you would have to just upload a video of yourself performing the act that you want to show it to the judges. The team of AGT will be contacting you in case they are impressed with the performance that you can put up in front of the audience. After all, it is all about entertaining people which is the main motto of the entertainment industry. 

Latest Updates Regarding AGT Season 18 Audition

Just earlier in the month of January this year, an open call audition was announced in Los Angeles and another one was called out at the end of January. In case you have missed it you can audition online by submitting a video of your performance. As of now there is no latest news for the audition of the upcoming season. The season will be happening in the month of May with Sofia Vergara returning once again as one of the judges in the upcoming season. 

How To Get Tickets For AGT Season 18?

The official website is offering pre-booking of tickets. Tickets are free to be booked from the official website. The website will be showcasing all the information like the upcoming tapings, including dates, timings, and the locations for each show. On the other hand, viewers and fans should also know that tickets for live tapings are limited so you need to hurry up and get them now from the official website of AGT.