The Amazing Race Australia is currently running with its 7th season. The season premiered on 4th October 2023 and is currently an ongoing season as of this writing. Out of the 11 strong teams that had signed up for this season 6 teams have already been eliminated.

The season is almost halfway through and it is only a matter of a couple of weeks before we see who the ultimate winner is. Well, as of now, let us have a look at the latest eliminated team on Amazing Race Australia season 7. 

Who Went Home On Amazing Race Australia Tonight?

Well, it is the 7th leg in this season of ARA and sisters Rebecca Judd and Kate Twigley were the two who had to make their exit in the previous episode. The remaining contestants are now racing in Malaysia and it is their last day in this beautiful country.

Soon after this episode the contestants who would be remaining will be moving to Cambodia for their next leg. The challenges that lay ahead for the remaining contestants can be expected to be quite difficult as competition has become tighter than ever. 

Rebecca ‘Bec’ Judd who is a model, presenter and WAG had teamed up with her sister Kate Twigley. Both aged 40 & 38 respectively did well enough in the previous episodes to remain in the competition but they were very inconsistent.

At the very first episode, both of them had come up at the 10th position which was the lowest point but later they came up to 2nd position by the fifth episode but that seems like it was not enough. In the previous episode the duo stood last which marked their exit from the show and they both had to leave for their homes. 

Amazing Race Australia Elimination Order 

Well, as of this writing 6 teams out of 11 have been eliminated already from the currently ongoing season of The Amazing Race Australia 2023. Let us see the elimination order below. 

  • Leg 1

The first Leg started in India on 4th October 2023 which saw comedian Dan Simpson and Bow Simpson, the son & dad duo make their exit. The prize for winning the first Leg was a stay at a hotel suite during the pit stop which was awarded to Darren & Tristan. 

  • Leg 2

The second Leg was held in India only but this time contestants had to move from Delhi to Agra. This episode took place on 5th October 2023 which saw famous television presenters Grant Denyer and Cheryl Denyer make their exit. The husband & wife duo failed to make their appearance in the top spot which ultimately resulted in their elimination. 

  • Leg 3

This is the third episode which took place in India itself. This episode was aired on 11th October 2023 where contestants had to move from Agra to Delhi and then from Delhi to Kochi via flight. Surprisingly, there was no elimination in this episode which was a good thing. 

  • Leg 4

After three days in India it was time for the contestants to move to a new country. It was Malaysia next where contestants had to board a flight from Kochi to Langkawi (Malaysia). In this episode (which aired on 12th October) we saw comedian and actor Peter Rowsthorn and her daughter Frankie Rowsthorn get eliminated. 

  • Leg 5

This episode aired on 18th October 2023 and it is the second day in Malaysia for the remaining contestants. The prize in this episode was a stay at a hotel suite during the Pit Stop which was awarded to Alli & Angie. But, unfortunately musician Ben and cast from the Real Housewives of Melbourne Ben and Jackie Gillies got eliminated in this episode. 

  • Leg 6

It is the third day in Malaysia which was also a tiresome episode for the rest of the cast members. In this episode we saw Australian survivor contestant George Mladenov and Pam Mladenov being eliminated. Both the siblings tried their best to remain at the top but ultimately failed to do so. 

  • Leg 7

In this episode the remaining contestants will be moving from Malaysia to Cambodia for their next challenges. The episode took place on 25th October 2023 and saw Bec & Kate being eliminated. Both the sisters were having a good season until Leg 7 because they stood at the last position here which marked their elimination from the show. 

Amazing Race Australia Eliminated Teams & Remaining Teams 

Remaining Teams 

Contestants Notability Age RelationshipCharity Status 
Alli Simpson & Angie Simpson Model, Singer & Actress 25 & 52Daughter and mum Dementia Australia Participating 
Darren McMullen & Tristan Dougan Television presenter 41 & 26Uncle & nephew Feel the Magic Participating 
Emma Watkins and Hayley Watkins Children’s entertainer 33 & 34Sisters Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund Participating 
Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs Too Hot To Handle contestant and Love Island Australia contestant 26 & 29Best mates Beyond Blue Participating 
Cornelis ‘Cor’ Rawlinson and Jana Pittman Jana (Olympian)16 & 40Mum and son Royal Hospital for Women Participating 

Eliminated Contestants on Amazing Race AUstralia

Contestants Notability Age RelationshipCharity Status 
Dane Simpson and Bow Simpson Comedian 40 & 69Son and Dad Dharriwaa Elders Group Incorporated Eliminated 1st 
Grant Denyer and Cheryl Denyer Television presenters 45 & 43Husband and wife Lifeline Central West Eliminated 2nd 
Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn Comedian and actor 60 & 20Dad and daughter All Stars for Autism Eliminated 3rd
Ben Gillies and Jackie Gillies Musician and contestant of Real Housewife of Melbourne 43 and 42Husband and wife Moira kelly Creating Hope Foundation Eliminated 4th 
George Mladenov and Pam Mladenov Australian Survivor contestant 33 & 24Siblings Bankstown Women’s health Center Eliminated 5th 
Rebecca ‘Bec’ Judd and Kate Twigley Model, presenter and WAG 40 & 38Sisters Impatient Advocacy – A Nicole Cooper Foundation Eliminated 6th