Season 1 Winners: Tyler Atkins & Nathan Jolliffe

Based on The Amazing Race, this reality game show first took place back in the year 2011. The first season saw best friends and surfers Tyler Atkins and Nathan Jolliffe as the winners.

Tyler & Nathan : The Amazing Race Australia

These two friends grew up together on the Gold Coast. The best friends duo competed with some of the fierce duos in the very first season. They collected the grand cash prize of $250,000 after beating their opponents in the finale. 

As far as their professional lives go, they have revealed that they do a bit of modeling. Additionally, they did a bit of t-shirt designing, and nannying and went with a bit of odd laboring jobs as well.

The duo has traveled a lot because they had moved to Bondi together and had spent some time in California as well. They both had an amazing journey in the first season of the show and created history by becoming the first winners ever in the Australian version. 

Name Age HometownRelation ProfessionSocial Media
Tyler Atkins 37Sydney Best Friends Modeling tylerockit
Nathan Jolliffe37NSW Best Friends Modeling nathanbrycejolliffe
Tyler & Nathan : Amazing race Australia

Season 2 Winners: Shane Haw & Andrew Thoday

Shane and Andrew are two friends who competed in the second season of The Amazing Race Australia and became the winners of it. Professionally being crime officers their journey in the second season was simply amazing.

Shane Haw & Andrew Thoday : Amazing Race Australia

The duo proved that age does not matter if you are willing to chase your dream. During an interview Andrew had revealed that they met at work and instantly became friends. 

Even though they had a serious job, they always had the time to have a good laugh. Both are hilariously funny and on the other hand are mature enough to know their roles and responsibilities. This was the greatest gift that the duo had which led to their ultimate win in the second season. 

Name Age HometownRelation Profession Social Media
Shane Haw53MelbourneFriends Police Officer
Andrew Thoday45MelbourneFriends Police Officer
Shane Haw & Andrew Thoday

Season 3 Winners: Daniel Little and Ryan Thomas

Daniel Little and Ryan Thomas met each other while they were working at a hospital in New South Wales. Both of them are extremely professional at their professional lives but to put their character to a test they decided to take part in The Amazing Race Australia season 3.

The duo always thought that their professional skill set was their biggest strength to compete in the season. 

Daniel Little and Ryan Thomas : The Amazing Race Australia Winner

They have got a lot of things in common and one among them is their love for traveling. The two traveled to different parts of the world and have even stayed out of their home country for a few years. Their hard work in the tenure of the show paid off after they beat other contestants in the finale episode. 

Name Age Hometown Relation Profession Social Media 
Daniel Little 36SydneyCo-Workers Intensive Care Nurse NA
Ryan Thomas40NSWCo-WorkersIntensive Care Nurse ryanthomas22
Daniel Little and Ryan Thomas

Season 4 Winners: Tim and Rod

Tim and Rod were the two newlyweds during the fourth season of the reality competition show. The understanding that the duo had was the sole reason for their massive win in the show. Being physical trainers got themselves into great shape to compete with other strong contestants.

This clearly proves that it was not so easy for the couple. Their win has inspired a lot of young contestants who are struggling with their identity. 

The two had plans about what they were going to do if they became the ultimate winners of the fourth season. It was a brand new experience for them but they had decided that they would be opening a business with the cash prize and then go and visit Disneyland together. Well, we hope that the duo achieved their goals and dreams since they were the winners. 

Name Age Hometown Relation ProfessionSocial Media 
Tim Sattler-Jones 36Newcastle Couple Personal Trainer timsattlerjones
Rod Sattler-Jones35New South WalesCouple Personal Trainer rodsattlerjones
Amazing Race Australia Season 4 Winners Tim & Rod

Season 5 Winners: Brendon & Jackson

The team of cowboys was the most impressive team in the 5th season of The Amazing Race Australia. Both of them belong from New South Wales and are professional cowboys. Both of them had met almost ten years ago before appearing in the show and have been friends ever since.

They have had an incredible journey in the season because they always finished in strong positions. Their determination to win in this season was high and was confident but the journey was challenging which made them fumbling in certain tasks, especially with eating tasks. 

Brendon managed to stay fit throughout the episodes while Jackson struggled a bit physically. However, with their courage and hard work and of course the teamwork that the duo put in the season gave them a lead at the second half of the season. This lead not only secured them in the finale spot but also earned them the title in the season. All in all, being the winners of the fifth season will be worth remembering because they did a good job. 

Name Age Hometown Relation Profession Social Media 
Brendon Crawley 27Yass, NSWFriends Cowboy crawleybrendon
Jackson Dening25Tamworth, NSWFriends Cowboy jackson_dening1312
Brendon & Jackson

Season 6 Winners: Heath & Toni

Heath and Toni are the latest winners of The Amazing Race Australia season 6. These two were introduced as a married couple last year when the season aired. They started their racing journey quite strong but their performance was not consistent enough at the initial stages.

Due to several crucial mistakes, the duo was left on the back foot for a while. They had finished in the last position while they were in Columbia and only survived because it was a non-elimination round. 

However, the duo did not give up on their consistently poor performance because later they made a comeback which was impressive to them and as well as surprising to the viewers. However, their journey was not so simple later on because, during the finale episode, Toni began stressing out.

But the duo helped each other out during their tough times and it was nothing new here as well. They kept a positive mindset throughout which led to their impressive title in the season. 

Name Age Hometown Relation Profession Social Media 
Heath Curry 33Melbourne Married Husband/Father 
Toni Hilland 38Victoria Married Wife/Mother 
Heath & Toni : The Amazing Race Australia