The Amazing Race Canada is back with its ninth successful season this year. The reality game show premiered back in the year 2013 and has covered tracks in almost every part of Canada’s provinces.

Viewers who have kept the updates on this show will also know that the show has been nominated for several prestigious awards and has even won most of them.

Well, during the tenure of more than 10 years, fans have also witnessed a lot of winners. Let us see the winners’ list in this article.

Here is the List of Amazing Race Canada winners

Season Winners Finale Age Hometown Occupation
1Tim Hague, Sr & Tim Hague, JrSep 16th, 202359 & 33Winnipeg, MBRegistered Nurse & Sales
2Mickey Henry & Pete SchmalzSep 21, 201432 & 32Parry Sound, OntarioWhat Wake Park Owner & Deck Installer 
3Gino & Jesse Montani Sep 23, 201536 & 34HamiltonWorks for Hamilton city & Steelworker
4Steph LeClair & Kristen McKenzie Sep 13, 201634 & 32Kitchener, Ontario & Guelph, OntarioLawyer & Sales Account Executive 
5Sam Lambert & Paul Mitskopoulos Sep 12, 201732 & 31Oakville & Toronto Student & Account Manager 
6Courtney Berglind & Adam KovacsSep 11, 201835 & 34Calgary, Alberta Nurse & Firefighter 
7Anthony Johnson & James Makokis Sep 10, 201940 & 45Arizona & Alberta Project Consultant & Doctor 
8Catherine Wreford & Craig Ramsay Sep 10, 202249 & 52Winnipeg & Windsor Actor & Host 
9Ty & Kat20 SEP 202323&29TBACouple