On October 9, “Australia’s Got Talent” returned with a spectacular premiere episode of its 10th season. Host TRicki-Lee Coulter welcomed series judges David Williams, Alesha Dixon, Shane Jacobsen, and Kate Ritchie back to the dais with performances from the first set of performance artists out of thousands that auditioned.

A contestant of Australia's Got Talent performing act on stage & Judges Standing on The stage

The new season will continue in episode 3 with the second wave of auditions on 17th October.

As in the past, this season’s champion will take home the $100000 cash prize and the chance to showcase their talent as a headlining act. The first set of auditions from the premiere was capped off by Breanna Lee’s Golden Buzzer selection.

David Williams delivered his Golden Buzzer to nervous singer Breanna Lee during the first episode. Will any of the other judges drop the golden confetti on anyone this time?

Make sure to Check out our “Australia’s Got Talent” season 10 episode 3 recap below after the premier of the show.

Australia’s Got Talent Episode 3 Contestants & Elimination


Note: This post is a drafted version of Australia’s Got Talent episode 3 & complete information will be live after the show.

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When will Australia’s Got Talent Episode 3 be live?

17th October, & PM ACT.

Are auditions over for Australia’s Got Talent 2022?

Auditions episodes are live, second episode will be live on Monday.