Half Baked Season 2

“Half Baked” the name is quite enough to recall the fun & comedy that we experienced in 1998. Half Baked Season 2 casting has been in searches from a while & now it’s time to announce the more details about the Half Baked season 2 film. Here we have covered all the recent information from half bad including, casting call, audition & cast.

Half-Baked History & comeback of season 2

Starring Dave Chappelle, Jim Breuer, Harland Williams, and Guillermo Daz, Half Baked is an American stoner comedy film that was released in 1998. Robert Simonds served as the film’s producer, and Chappelle and Neal Brennan wrote and co-wrote the script. The picture bombed at the box office but has since gained cult status.

After a long wait of 25 years, Half Baked season 2 has been announced & approx ready to the premier. According to critics, the show is about to complete its filming & shooting in jan 2023. This time we will see the return of Rachel True, whereas Dexter Darden will join the movie for the first time.

Half Baked Season 2 Casting Call

Half Baked season 2 casting call was made through the website nine9 where interested applicants were able to fill out the applications for Half Baked season 2.

Half baked season 2 Audition 2023

The Half Baked season 2 auditions were held on 19th October 2022. The venue for Half Baked season 2 audition was Baton Rouge, LA.

Half Baked season 2 Application

The applications for Half Baked season 2 casting were open back in October in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles. As of now, the applications are closed & there is no requirement for any cast in Half Baked Season 2.

Half Baked Season 2 Cast

The Half Baked features a list of new & young cast whereas few characters have been cast from the original film.

S No.StarRole
1Dexter DardenThurgood Jenkins’ son (JR)
2Ramona YoungCori
3Joel CourtneyBruce
4Harland Williams
5Moses StormMiles
6Rachel TrueMary Jane
7Billy SlaughterDick Lumbergh
8Rafael CastilloLDEE
9Justin MilesShadow
10Wil DeusnerYoung Miles
11Jaiden KaineDetective Smith
12Claire FontanaVip club girl
13Kamran ShaikhLandlord
14Tim J. SmithBurly Man
Half Baked Season 2 Cast

Half Baked season 2 release date

The Movie has made its comeback right after 24 years. Most of the filming has been almost completed & the movie is ready to be released. However, there has not been any committed date for the Half Baked season 2 premiere date. But as we know Half Baked season 2 will be released around the first quarter of 2023.


When is Half baked going to release?

Somewhere in First quarter of 2023.

Is half-baked season 2 announced?

The sequel of the famous comedy movie has been already announced & the movie is about to get released in couple of weeks.

Where can I watch half baked season 1?

Most of the episodes are available over facebook. You can search facebook for the first season of Half Baked.