Love Island USA Contestants 2023 – Season 5

Love Island USA is just around the corner so it’s time for fans and critics to gear up and get ready for the show. We are sure, this season of Love Island USA is going to be as exciting and adventurous as ever. Unlike any other genre, people love watching dating, love, and relationships-type of reality shows. Some people even believe that Love Island USA is nearly as good as the original British version of the show. 

Fans are highly excited to look at some new faces for the upcoming season of Love Island USA. It is one of the reasons why, Love Island is one of the most-streamed original reality competition series in Peacock history. This fact was revealed by the official streaming platform itself. 

S.NName Age Hometown Instagram
1Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray25Palestine, Texasbykaygray
2Leonardo Dionicio21West Hartford, Connleo_dionicio
3Anna Kurdys 22Boca Raton annaolivia.x
4Destiny Davis 27Florissant destinyamberdavis
5Jasmine 24Nashville N.A
6Kassy Castillo 22Fort Worth, Texaskass.c
7Carsten Bergersen 23Madison N.A
8Keenan Anunay23Atlanta smoothk9_
9Marco Donatelli 22Boca Raton marcoadonatelli
10Victor Gonzalez 28Atlanta 
Love Island USA Contestants 2023

Who’s else in the cast of Love Island Season 5 – 2023?

Some of the contestants for the upcoming brand-new season have been revealed by the officials of the show. Some of the revealed cast are Anthony Anderson, Cynthia Bailey, Gina Rodriguez, and Reggie Bush. 

Interestingly, other than these contestants former Love Island contestants like Deb Chubb, Madison Jayd, and Josh Goldstein responded to a post from Peacock by expressing their interest in the upcoming brand-new season.

Latest Updates & Rumors Regarding Love Island USA Cast

The cast of the dating reality show is all set to feature in the upcoming season of Love Island USA. All the 10 cast of Love Island USA 2023 & both genders seem to be confident enough to find their true love this season. Viewers and as well as the casts are very much excited to make the upcoming season fun and as well as interesting.

The biggest update for all the fans and critics of this show is that Love Island USA has already got its official premiere date. Peacock announced its official premiere date in late June to all the viewers of the show. 

Love Island USA Season 5 has promised to deliver another thrilling and entertaining experience. The upcoming season of the show holds great potential to introduce new faces, ignite new connections, and provide a delightful viewing. Peacock took to their official Twitter account to reveal the official trailer for the fifth season of the show along with the official release date. 

Love Island USA Host 2023

The fifth season of the show is very near and fans are already searching for who will be the host of this season. The previous season of this series was hosted by Sarah Hyland who had taken over Arielle Vanderberg’s hosting spot and we do have to agree, she was amazing in her role. 

Unfortunately, the host of its upcoming season has not been revealed by the officials. But, we are sure viewers will be happy to see the previous spunky host returning for this upcoming season of the show.

Love Island USA All Seasons Winners

  • Season 1 (2019): Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber 
  • Season 2 (2020): Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew
  • Season 3 (2021): Olivia Kaiser and Korey Gandy 
  • Season 4 (2022): Zeta Morrison and Timmy Pandolfi 

Which Love Island USA Couples Are Still Together?

Season 4

  • Timmy and Zeta (Winners) : Relationship status : Split 
  • Isaiah and Sydney (Runners Up): together 
  • Deb and Jesse: split 
  • Jeff and Nadjha: split 

Season 3

  • Korey and Olivia (Winners): split 
  • Kyra and Will (Runners Up): together 
  • Bailey and Jeremy: split 
  • Alana and Charlie: split 
  • Josh and Shannon: together 

Season 2

  • Caleb and Justine (Winners): split 
  • Cely and Johnny (Runners up): split 
  • Calvin and Moira: split 
  • Carrington and Laurel: split 
  • Connor and Mackenzie: split 

Season 1

  • Elizabeth and Zac (Winners): split 
  • Alexandra and Dylan (Runners Up): split 
  • Caro and Ray: split 
  • Emily and Watson: split 
  • Kyra and Cash: split

Does Love Island have Public Voting?

Yes, Love Island USA has public voting as an option. People who are willing to vote for their favorite contestant will need to download their official application and vote using that application.

Where to watch Love Island USA 2023?

Love Island USA 2023 can be watched exclusively on the official website and platform of Peacock.

How to watch Love Island USA outside the USA?

If you are willing to watch Love Island USA outside the USA then you need to use a good VPN service.