Instagram, the most popular application was originally launched in october 2010 .Today Instagram is the most popular application known for photo sharing .Kevin systrom is the co-founder of instagram. Kevin systrom born on 30 dec 1983 is an american computer programmer and entrepreneur,due to his efforts instagram has become the world’s largest photo sharing app.                                              

What made instagram so popular ?

Instagram’s open social network and interaction with other people all over the world make it popular. Users can view photos added by their own network in their home feed and also view other popular photos on the network as per instagram was linked with facebook, twitter, and flickr , you can also share your instagram photos to these apps .

Instagram rapidly gained popularity with estimated one million registered users in only two months, which exceed to 10 million in a year and 1 billion users in june 2018. According to bloomberg intelligence, instagram was $100 billion worth by 2018, and has 500 million daily active users.Mark zuckerberg bought instagram in 2012 worth $1 billion.

Instagram is a platform which has a power to popular any person in just a while .instagram get actual popularity in april 2012 because on this date instagram was brought to the android operating system due to this change insta got their 50 million users.

Top followers of instagram

  • Instagram themselves is on no first with 495m followers.
  • Cristiano ronaldo (a portuguese footballer)with over 379 million followers is the top most followed celebrity on instagram.
  • Leo messi is on the second number with 292 million followers on instagram followed by kyllie jenner.
  • Cristiano ronaldo is paid by instagram inr 11.9 crore per post.
  • Cristiano ronaldo earn $ 40m annually. instagram themselves earn 24 billion in year 2020.

Top followers on Instagram in India

Virat Kohli with 150 million followers on instagram holds the first position in india followed by Priyanka Chopra with 70 million followers.Virat kohli earns 5 crore per post and his annual income is 60 million usd.Priyanka chopra on second number in india get 3 crore for every promotional photos of her . You can also earn money from instagram by some following steps.

How to earn money on Instagram ?

  • If you also want to earn money from instagram you have to follow some steps :
  • Download instagram from your play store
  • Create an account
  • Go to settings and switch your account to professional account .
  • Fill all the necessary information as required
  • Create your own page and post pictures and reels
  • You need minimum 10k followers than instagram start paying you money.

What type of creative things you can do on Instagram ?

You can add your own creative stories with several types of awesome filters that make your journey of instagram smooth and enjoyable .

  • You can post your crazy photos which can be seen by your followers around the world .
  • You can record anything you are watching and just add it to your stories.
  • You can follow your favourite celebrity and get updated for your favourite ones .
  • You can see their photos their stories ,
  • This could help you to get attached with your favourite celebrity .
  • You can use different filters which are present on instagram and easily available to you .
  • You can click your photos , record videos with using that filters .

Some private things you must know about instagram

Instagram has their own chat box as messenger,you can chat with anyone in the world.With that there are some private tips .You can use vanish mode to make your chat more private .

How vanish mode works on Instagram ?

To turn on vanish mode you have to open the chat section and click on the person’s id with whom you want to chat personally.

  • When you open the chat section ,just scroll the chat to the top once a time .
  • Your vanish mode start automatically .
  • Whatever chat you have in the vanish mode get vanish or destroyed once if you close vanish mode .the chat will never be gone to appear again.there are some themes present in your chat box .
  • You can choose any type of theme to chat with your friends.there are some themes like love theme etc
  • Once you select that theme that will appear both sides in the chat,such as that theme should be seen to both the sides.

Instagram : The best ever entertaining application

Instagram has a lot of fun in it,you can easily add any song to your photo which you are going to post as a story .you can also mention to your favourite ones in your stories ,and after you mention someone he/she can also share your story to his/her personal account.

Instagram is the best way to pass the time .There are several funny jokes , funny videos and memes posted for the entertainment. some people posts their talent in the form of reels. reels are most trending feature updated on instagram ,and this became the most craziest thing for the users .

Users can easily make their own reel and post it which is seen by everyone in the world .any user who likes the reel of another user can like the reel and also comment on the reel posted.

Most interesting fact about Khaby Lame

Khaby lame born on 9 march 2000,He started his journey of making videos and reels in march 2020. Khaby lame is a most popular creator nowadays .Khaby lame, born in italy and he is the second top most followed person on tik tok with 50 m followers.

Khaby lame is also gone popular on instagram in many few days. He has more than 10m followers on instagram. He is just a silent killer,his videos are with no sounds ,no music .He silently roast anyone .Khaby lame is earning $2,00,000 per month.In an interview khaby lame admitted that “it’s my face and expression which make people laugh.”