Live Blog: As Strictly Come Dancing has reached the halfway mark of the season, there have been traditional numbers that pleased the judges tonight. Here is the gist of all that happened on Strictly tonight.

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Leaderboard

Helen & Gorka37(9,9,9,10)Jive‘Tightrope’ by Janelle MonáeSafe
Hamza & Jowita38 (8,10,10,10)Cha Cha Cha“I Can’t Help Myself”- Sugar Pie, Honey BunchSafe
Fleur & Vito35(9,9,8,9)Waltz ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ by Elton JohnSafe
Ellie S. & Nikita33(7,9,8,9)Charleston‘Too Darn Hot’ by Kiss Me KateSafe
Ellie T. & Johannes22(3,7,5,7)RumbaAlone’ by HeartBottom Two
Tony & Katya21(4,6,5,6)Salsa ‘I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)’Bottom Two
Will & Nancy33(8,8,8,9)Quickstep‘Soda Pop’ by Robbie WilliamsSafe
Kym & Graziano37(9,9,9,10)Argentine Tango‘Assassin’s Tango’ by John PowellSafe
Molly & Carlos35(8,9,9,9)Foxtrot‘You Make Me Happy’ by My Sun and StarsSafe
Tyler & Dianne29(7,7,7,8)WaltzI’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ by SealSafe

Strictly Come Dancing Week 7 Performances

Here are the serial-wise performances of the couples that performed on Strictly Come Dancing tonight in week 7 episode :

1.Hamza & Jowita : 38 (8,10,10,10)

Week 7 of SCD 2022 started with a lovely performance from Hamza & Jowita. The couple performed the Cha Cha Cha to ‘I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)’ by the Four Tops. The couple received warm appreciation from the judges & scored a total of 38 (8,10,10,10).

2. Ellie T & Johannes : 22(3,7,5,7)

The second performance was from Ellie & Johannes, the couple performed the Rumba to ‘Alone’ by Heart. Unfortunately the performance was devasted at all and the judges were not too much happy with their performance.

Anton complimented Ellie’s beautiful lines and flawless footwork, however he wished for smoother transitions . Craig felt there was a lack of resistance and hip action, and it appeared as though Ellie was merely strolling around. Motsi admired Ellie’s heartfelt dedication to Johannes in her performance, although they believe that the hip movement was unnecessary. Shirley appreciated the polish and the footwork, but felt it lacked some musicality and adaptability.

3. Molly & Carlos: 35(8,9,9,9)

The third performance was from Molly & Carlos, the couple performed a  Foxtrot to ‘You Make Me Happy’ by My Sun and Stars. Their dance was appreciated by the judges & other rewarded them with a total of 22 points.

Craig found it to be completely FABULOUS, and Motsi seemed to lose herself in the dance as they performed it flawlessly. Shirley found it to be the pinnacle of elegance, while Anton deemed it to be amazing. All of that is true, but for a jaded old cynic like myself, the whole effect was a little too sugary.

4. Ellie S and Nikita: 33(7,9,8,9)

The fourth performance of the night was from Ellie S and Nikita, the couple performed a Charleston to ‘Too Darn Hot’ by Kiss Me Kate & scored a total of 33.

Ellie left her heart out on the dance floor, and Motsi felt it was amazing. As a result of its impressive power, Shirley found it quite appealing. Anton agreed that everyone’s overwhelmingly positive response was warranted because Ellie was stunning. Craig pushed for more intricate Charleston components, and the process stumbled a bit, but the final push was wonderful.

5. Tyler & Dianne: 29(7,7,7,8)

The couple performed a Viennese Waltz to ‘I’ve Been Loving You Too Long’ by Seal & scored 29. Although Shirley admired the sincerity, Tyler didn’t feel particularly at ease dancing it because one wrong move would cause his body to give way.

Anton acknowledges that Tyler’s topline was off and that he was stumbling a bit. Craig found it uninspiring, and he felt that Tyler was dancing with too much of his rear exposed.
Motsi is demanding a higher level, and Tyler would do well to pay attention to and implement their feedback.

6. Kym & Graziano: 37(9,9,9,10)

The sixth performance was from Kym & Graziano. The couple performed a overwhelming Argentine Tango to ‘Assassin’s Tango’ by John Powell. Anton was quite happy & said it was fantastic because it was very different from Kym’s Quickstep from a few weeks before. According to Craig,

Kym was beautiful save from a slight issue with her shoulders. Shirley doesn’t believe Kym realises how great it was, but Motsi thought it was excellent in its understatement and excellence.
I guess I’ll have to give that another look.

7.Will & Nancy: 33(8,8,8,9)

Will & Nancy performed a Quickstep to ‘Soda Pop’ by Robbie Williams featuring Michael Bublé. The couple was able to score 33. Craig found the footwork to be a bit clumsy, but he appreciated the strong rhythm and found it really amusing. Will has tremendous musicianship, but Motsi found the piece was a little timid in its transitions.

Shirley concurs with the transitions, and she even has a TINY SHOE to show how Will should have been more nimble on his feet. Brilliant performance all around; Anton was particularly impressed by the speed and floor covering, and Will’s top line has really developed nicely.

8.Helen & Gorka: 37(9,9,9,10)

The couple gave a welcoming performance Jive to ‘Tightrope’ by Janelle Monáe & become one of the top scorers this week. Helen made a minor error, but it was still a wonderful performance in Motsi’s eyes. As far as Shirley was concerned, that was how one should dance the Jive. Anton was impressed, and Craig was about to pull out his 10 paddle, but then Helen made a mistake in front of them both.

9. Fleur and Vito: 35(9,9,8,9)

On week 7 night, the couple performed the Waltz to ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’ by Elton John and got a score of 35 to be in safe zone.

10.Tony & Katya: 21(4,6,5,6)

This week proved to be a bad dream for Tony & Katya, as the couple performed Salsa to ‘I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)’ by Pitbull & got their minimum score of the season.

Strictly Week 7 result

Tony and Katya danced the salsa to Pitbull, Fleur and Vito waltzed to Elton John, the two couples are at bottom two positions. Let’s wait for the results for tomorrow 7:15 for the results.

Who was eliminated on strictly come dancing week 7 night?

Probably it’s Ellie T & Johannes by 22(3,7,5,7) or Tony & Katya: 21(4,6,5,6).