Panchakarma is a body cleansing method to remove toxins and unwanted waste by lubricating the body. It is a gift of Ayurveda to humans through which you can purify your body, boost your metabolism, manage weight, and relieve stress. As the name clearly indicates, Panchakarma is about five (panch) procedures (karma) that have different significance and get used for multiple body treatments. The five procedures that fall under this category are:

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Nasya
  • Anvasana Basti
  • Niruha Basti

Different procedures have varied significance, and you can find the best Panchakarma treatment , depending on your specific requirements. Talking specifically about Virechana, it is the ayurvedic procedure for body detox. It helps in controlling the dosha aggravation in your body. The sole purpose of this procedure is to collect all the toxins of the body, concentrate them in the small intestine, and remove them from your body. Therefore, if you get the virechana treatment from the virechan center, you can expect the new Pitta to form in the body, which will help you digest and cleanse the colon, stomach, and other glands in your body.

Virechana therapy procedure

The process is simple, but it is advisable to seek help from the best Panchakarma center in Delhi, ensuring everything goes well. The process starts with vomiting treatment followed by a unique diet regime and oleation therapy. After that, the massages continue for about three days, and the experts will perform virechana at the end. There are many things that an expert would take to check and keep in consideration before and after the treatment, it includes:

  • Ensuring the person has slept well before the therapy day.
  • the food they ate has digested properly
  • Diagnosis to check for any signs of the weak digestive system.
  • Right use of oils at the apt time and in the correct manner

The list of precautions, pre, and post-preparation processes is never-ending. Only an expert can manage everything well, giving the best results for this treatment.

Benefits of Virechana therapy

In Ayurveda, there is a belief that every disease starts in the gut, and that is also the place where you can end them. So, the foremost benefit of this treatment is improved digestion, a better metabolic system, and cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract. Your bowel movements will improve, and you will experience a healthy gut. It will heal plenty of diseases and discomforts you feel regularly. People also believe in the Virechana therapy for skin, as it cleanses the liver, clearing all the spots from your face.

Furthermore, this procedure can help treat blisters, abscesses, and other painful disorders, giving you healthy and glowing skin. The Virechana therapy benefits are tremendous. Some of them are:

  • It helps in weight loss by boosting your metabolism and keeping the intestinal tract clear.
  • You can get rid of bloating as your entire body goes through a complete detox, clearing every gland thoroughly.
  • The relaxation and calming massages help relieve anxiety and calm your mind. Thus, Virechana is also a great stress buster.
  • Many people have seen significant improvement in Hemiplegia, where one side of the body is weak due to a paralytic attack or other health issue.
  • It treats the health issues related to the gut, like constipation, piles, ulcers, jaundice, and likewise.
  • Diabetic people can also experience significant benefits by getting the Virechana treatment from the best Panchakarma center in Delhi.

You can ripe countless benefits of this ayurvedic procedure, provided you get it from the best experts by looking for Panchkarma centers near me. However, a thorough understanding of procedures and types is essential to ensure you enjoy all the perks of this treatment.

Types of Virechana therapy

There are two main categories of Virechana based on the type of dosha, namely: Snigdha Virechana and Rooksha Virechana. You can classify them further into sub-categories based on the order in which the entire Virechana treatment happens, the oils used, and the target health issue. For example, Snigadha is what a panchakarma expert would suggest if the health concern has its roots in the pitta or Vata dosha. Similarly, Rooksha Virechana is solely associated with the Kapha dosha. The popular sub-categories are as follows:

Purvakarmayukta Virechana: It is a pre-preparation procedure before the actual Virechana process. It is a process that the experts follow for two-three days before the final step.

Rutu Anusari Virechana: It is the procedure to treat Pitta dosha aggravation and associated issues like runny nose, skin lesions, etc.

Sadhyo Virechana: This procedure is about clearing the intestines and eliminating every last trace of faecal materials.

Nitya Virechana: It is essential for multiple skin and neurological diseases and involves mild medication for intestine cleanse

Punha Punha Virechana: It is the remedial procedure essential to enjoy the perks of Virechana. Every Panchakarma center in Delhi emphasizes this procedure after regular intervals of the final Virechana to keep its benefits intact.

There are countless health, mental, and physical benefits of Virechana and other Panchakarma treatments. The only thing you need to be careful about is choosing the right center for this highly beneficial Ayurvedic procedure. Spend some time researching the best options and finding the centres with excellent market reputation and customer reviews. Read every feedback they have got carefully, ensuring people have benefited from their treatments and you can trust them too. You can also seek references from people in your network who have already taken the service to get a better idea based on their personal experiences.

So go ahead, and find the best Panchakarma center to heal your body naturally, without harmful medications. Make sure you study the processes in detail to get the best services, and don’t get fooled in the name of Ayurveda.