Winston Churchill photo vanishes from Canada hotel

An iconic photograph of Winston Churchill taken in 1941 by an Ottawa hotel has been lost and replaced by a fake.

Yousuf Karsh took the photo, also known as "the Roaring Lion", shortly after Churchill's wartime speech to Canada’s parliament.

The first time a staff member of Chateau Laurier noticed that the photo had been changed on August 19, was when he saw it.

This photograph of Churchill is among the most famous ever taken. It shows Churchill on Parliament Hill moments following Karsh's famously snuffling of Churchill.

Karsh had already returned to his camera and wrote that Churchill was "so belligerent, he could have eaten me"

Chateau Laurier was first alerted to the problem Friday by staff who noticed that the frame of the photograph didn't match the frames of other Karsh images in the same area.

After consulting with Karsh's estate and investigating, the hotel concluded that the photograph was "replaced" with a copy.

Genevieve Dumas, the general manager of the hotel, stated in the statemen, "We are deeply disturbed by this brazen act."

"The hotel is extremely proud to have this amazing Karsh collection. It was installed in 1998.