Anthonia Edwards has been crowned as winner of The Voice UK 2022

The Voice winner Anthonia Edwards nearly blew her final performance with mentor Sir Tom Jones as she forgot her lines.

The winner Anthonia Edwards was a professional nurse who used to look after Covid patients

The Winner admitted she was so nervous duetting with the Welsh icon on a cover of James Brown’s It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World last night that she had a memory blank.

Fortunately Anthonia Edwards pulled it together — and now she is penning songs for her debut album.

Anthonia said: “It’s incredibly surreal. I’m so proud of myself and the duet with Sir Tom was incredible.

she continued "“But there was a moment where I got stung as I nearly forgot my lines"

"I don’t think people noticed as I had styled it out, but it was a close call.”

Anthonia Edwards  Age : 25 Years