Gabby’s Dollhouse is an American live-action/computer-animated/interactive preschool television series created by Traci Paige Johnson and Jennifer Twomey for the streaming giant, Netflix.

The first season of the series premiered on Jan 5th, 2021. In the series, Gabby is a character who is voiced by Laila Lockhart Kraner. She and her cat friends in this series go on a series of adventures within her dollhouse. 

Return of Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 8 on Netflix

Within the two-year timeline, the series creators have brought 7 seasons and luckily for its viewers, they are going to make a comeback with yet another season. Yes, the show is coming back for its 8th season on August 7th, 2023.

The show has been produced by Dreamworks Animation Television and will be exclusively streaming on Netflix on August 7th, 2023. 

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 8 Release Date: When is it going to release?

The 8th season will be arriving on the streaming service Netflix on 7th August 2023. Viewers of this show have an active Netflix account and as well as active subscribers will be able to watch the upcoming season on the platform. The recommended age to watch this show is children 3+ years old. Parents can easily tune in on August 7th for their children to watch season 8 of this kid’s show.

Gabby’s Dollhouse Cast 2023

  • Laila Lockhart Kraner as Gabby
  • Juliet Donenfeld as Cakey
  • Tucker Chandler as Pandy Paws 
  • Donovan Patton as Catrat

Gabby’s Dollhouse Season 8 Trailer Explained

The trailer for Gabby’s Dollhouse season 8 was released on July 11th, 2023 on the official YouTube channel of the show. The trailer has received more than 600K views within three weeks. The trailer of season 8 of Gabby’s Dollhouse begins by introducing a brand new season to the viewers where Gabby and her cats want all the attention of the viewers to convey them the surprising news for the new season.

Within the next few seconds, Gabby seems surprised after knowing that she and her furry friends are going to be portrayed as mermaids in the new season. Within the next few seconds, viewers see a lot of characters having fun dancing and jumping around in joy. It is then that viewers are introduced to the ‘Sparkle Party’. Gabby and her friends visit the venue where the party is happening. 

There she talks to one of the characters who seem to be a cute little octopus and has no idea how the ‘Sparkle Party’ was supposed to be fun to her as she was not ‘sparkling’. Well, Gabby says that one has to do that ‘one special thing’ that makes you happy to sparkle.

The octopus finds out that it is dancing that makes her happy and soon viewers see that she sparkles as well. A lot of dancing goes on in the final few seconds of the 59-second-long trailer until it ends with Gabby saying, ‘That was our most amazing adventure yet’.


On which days Gabby’s Dollhouse episodes premiere?

Gabby’s Dollhouse is coming on the streaming service on August 7th. Official website of Netflix has also confirmed the same.