Are you a fan of “My Life with The Walter Boys”? If you want to participate in such a show, you have come to the right place. Here are the complete details of all the show-related updates regarding the auditions and the process of application. 

Before we begin, here’s what this show is about.

My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2 Auditions

The show is an adaptation of Ali Novak’s novel of the same name. My Life with the Walter Boys is a bittersweet story of a girl named Jackie Howard. Due to some unfortunate car accident, she lost her parents which led her to be orphaned. 

Later in the show she flies to New York City where she meets a huge family of Walter’s with 11 boys and one girl. She decides to live with them on their huge Colorado ranch. The story follows her journey through the difficulties she faced living with them.

Will There Be Season 2 of My Life With The Walter Boys?

Ever since the release of the first season, the fans have been showering this show with lots of love, achieving the title of Netflix Global English Top 10 in just days after its release. 

There have been a lot of questions regarding the arrival of the next season. So, yes the makers have finally confirmed the renewal of the show in December 2023. The show is likely to come up on netflix around the start of 2025.

What are the eligibility criterias for being a part of “My Life With The Walter Boys”?

The show is already a hit although the casting and more have not been officially finalized. Here is the list of all the roles that are confirmed for Season 2.

Nikki Rodriguez will once again portray the character of Jackie Howard, while Sarah Rafferty will bring the role of Katherine Walter to life. Marc Blucas will take on the role of George Walter. Additionally, Noah LaLonde has been cast to play the role of Cole Walter.

Although the prominent roles of the Water family remain unchanged, the coming of the new season might introduce new characters. 

To all the one who are waiting for news regarding auditions, be well learned about the show plots and storyline. Have regular updates on any new news regarding the show and keep in touch with the blogs and website of the makers of the show.

Audition Process for My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2

It seems like the producers of the show are looking for the actors with google looks. Being confident never goes out of style and the same goes here. 

The more confident and elegant you portray yourself the higher the makers will be willing to take you in the show. Make sure that you show that chemistry while you perform.  

Casting Call – How To Apply?

The application process is simple. You keep in touch with the casting crew for the show. Stay in contact with your casting agent. The show has only finalized its renewal in December 2023 so there are a lot of new details to be revealed yet. 

Be in touch with the new blogs and posts regarding auditions.

Note: Most importantly make sure that you have read the novel well and followed the journey of the Walter family and Jackie Howard. The more familiar with the show, the easier it will be for you to adopt to the characters.  

Deadline for the Show’s Audition?

No date for deadlines are fixed yet. The show will be released in early 2025 so the auditions will likely go up to mid 2024 giving the show a whopping 6 months to complete its shooting and promotions.