All American Season 6 is a sports drama series that aired back in the year 2018. Ever since the series hit the distribution channel people who have viewed the series are falling in love with it. It is not just the unique storyline but the choice for cast selection has been unique as well. Apart from everything else, the show was well received by critics as IMDb has rated 7.6/10 and according to Rotten Tomatoes, the drama series has got 92% fresh.

Being started back in the year 2018, the show has already got five seasons. But, the main question is whether or not the program creators will be coming back for another season. Well, surprisingly yes the show is coming back with an additional season and fans are happy and excited about it. 

All American Season 5 Recap & What’s Expected in Season 6?

In the fifth season of the sports drama series, the lead character, Spencer James, is seen to have been the standout player in his high school football team. Spencer was seen transferring schools because of differences in his social and sports life. The fifth season has got ten episodes and the finale episode of the fight season starts with showing the young and angry Spencer. 

Spencer is upset and Alicia seems to be consoling him. On the other hand, Olivia speaks to Layla saying that she still loves Spencer. The series has been so far like most high rated series that viewers from all across the world has witnessed which is lots of ups and downs in the story. The sixth season will be continuing the story that it left off from the fifth season. There could be twists and turns but it is possible that the story would continue where it left off in the fifth season.

All American Season 6 Renewal Status

Lucky for the viewers that program creators and officials of the series has decided to move on with another additional season that is the sixth installment. The news of its confirmation has been confirmed and solid and has the green light to begin production.

All American is one of the most watched shows in CW which is yet one of the reasons why it had to be renewed for another season. Looking at the timeline of the release date of its previous seasons, then fans can expect the arrival of is sixth season this year or early next year. 

All American Season 6 Audition 

The sixth season may have got the greenlight from the official network and from the production team but the casting team has not yet revealed any lineup for their next season. It is quite early about the production of the additional season which becomes difficult for us to guess or judge as to who is going to be a part of the next season.

If the show decides to cast new faces then they will be posting it on their official social media account. It is only a matter of time before the casting team would reveal confirmed news about the audition.  

All American Audition Process

The audition process will be revealed only after the production team or the casting team reveals updates about auditioning new casts for its additional season. The process will also be revealed from the official social media handles of the series. It could be online or offline and interested candidates can audition for it accordingly. 

Fans and viewers can expect that all the original characters would be reprising their roles in the upcoming season as well. In case there are certain changes then it would be revealed soon enough only if the production team decides to do so. 

All-American Season 6 Release Date

The sixth season is in its early production stages but officials may have hinted that the sixth season could appear in its network by October 2023. Judging on the basis of the release dates of its previous seasons it can be assumed that the production team is quite punctual when it comes to delivering the seasons within a fixed interval.

The first season aired back in 2018 and by the year 2022, it already had five seasons therefore with the sixth season released this year in 2023. 

Will there be All American Season 6 – 2023?

Of course, the hit show will surely return for season 6 in 2023, let’s wait for the release date of the show.

What is the release date for All American season 6?

The show will release somewhere around October 2023.