Lingo is an American game show where teams consisting of two members compete with each other to win the ultimate cash prize of the show. The show’s very first season was premiered back in 1987 and now after almost more than 35 years, the second season has been revived. Last month on Feb 2023, the game show was renewed for a second season.

Currently, Lingo is casting teams of two for its second season which will happen next year in 2024. The original network of the game show, CBS has also officially announced that they will be casting teams for their upcoming season and participants can apply for it through official website

Lingo live show
Lingo Audition

Lingo Audition 2024

Before you apply for the auditions for the game show you must be an eligible candidate. You can check its eligibility criteria from the official website. However, mentioned below is the highlights for eligibility criteria to make things easy for you.

  • Candidates must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The filming of the game show takes place in the UK. Therefore, candidates must have a valid passport with more than 6 months until it expires at the time of travel.
  • You must be available for the filming and shooting for the game show which will happen from 23rd April to 30th April 2023. This will include traveling to and from the UK.

Once you cross off the eligibility requirements you can now proceed to the application page. There is a guide on how you could apply for the auditions. Below given are the highlights of it.

  • First, you need to make a video
  • Secondly, save your current self picture, and video to your computer, so that it is ready when you apply.
  • Complete the online application form and then you would have to upload your video and picture. 
  • The team will get back to you via phone or by email if they decide to move forward with you.

How To Be On Lingo 2024?

The very first thing that you would have to do is ensuring that you are an eligible candidate so that you can apply for the second season of the game show which will soon begin its filming. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and rules and regulations carefully while applying. 

Please visit the official website to apply for the show’s next season where you will also get to see some tips for making a great video. The video that you upload is the only way to be on Lingo 2024 because it should be enough to impress the team so that they will call you for further process. 

The team is looking for real people and not someone who is putting together the best skit or something or wearing some kind of funny and wacky costume. The trick is that you need to be confident and just be yourself. 

Requirements For Lingo Audition 2024

Some basic requirements would include first ensuring that you are an eligible candidate or else your application could get rejected straight away. Visit the official website or have a look at it mentioned above. However, for your audition process, you would have to submit a current video of yourself with a current picture. The requirements for lingo audition are as follows.

  • Make sure you are at least 18 years old
  • Candidate must be a legal resident of the US
  • Candidates must have a valid passport because filming takes place in the UK.
  • Candidates must be available for the filming process which will begin in April 2023.

The video that you submit needs to be perfect. If you are filming yourself indoors then make sure that there is enough light so that your face is clearly visible. Avoid bright lights or shooting in sunlight. While filming yourself make sure that you speak loud and clear. Try to have the best audio setup away from disturbances. Your video will be shown on TV so try to shoot like you see a video on TV.

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Application Process for Lingo Auditon

The application process for Lingo season 2 2024 will happen completely online from the official website. Make sure to do it before March 24th 2023 because it is the closing date for Lingo 2024 applications. After you have submitted the application form with your video and picture you will be receiving a call or someone from the concerned authority will be email you for further process which will only happen if your the team decides to move further with your application. 

The video that you submit will be a crucial factor for you to be in the upcoming season of the game show. Therefore, follow the video tips and give it your best shot. 

How To Apply For Lingo Audition?

Applying for Lingo auditions is currently happening online from the official website. You would have to be an eligible candidate to take part in the game show. Fill out the application form correctly and submit a current video and a picture of yourself along with the application form online. In case your application impresses the team you will be contacted soon for further process.

How can I watch Lingo?

You can watch Lingo live on CBS or paramount+.