Chioma & the Atlanta Drum Academy Wins Golden Buzzer at America’s Got Talent Audition

Atlanta Academy was the last group to perform on AGT week 3 auditions on this talent competition show. It was Chioma who introduced his academy to Terry Crews. Chioma revealed that, when he was just one year old, his grandma had given him a drum.

Atlanta Drum Academy Wikipedia

He immediately became interested in the instrument and started taking classes when he was three. It was at Atlanta Drum Academy and Mr Rouse who polished his drumming skills.

Atlanta Drum Academy Golden Buzzer Moment

The moment Chioma entered the stage, he received a huge ovation just by doing and saying nothing. Little Chioma introduced himself as Chioma Wiliams and he is eight years old and residing in Georgia. Then he was asked to start his act where his full group joined him along with their drums.

All the contestants on the stage were full of energy and completed tricks using their drumsticks. The group was not only performing alone but, they were performing with the whole audience in the auditorium. One of them even blindfolded himself and was drumming the heart out

Terry Crews rewards Atlanta Drum Academy with Golden Buzzer

We could see Terry Crews being excited while all the drums were being played. We do have to agree that, the coordination among these young children was amazing.

Simon revealed that ‘he did not like it but absolutely loved it’. It was then Terry Crews who intervened and said ‘No need to vote’. It was Terry Crews who went to the judges of the show and made the dreams come true of the Atlanta Academy Group. He then pressed the Golden Buzzer and the group made their way direct to the live show.

How old is Chioma from Atlanta Drum Academy?

Chioma William from Atlanta Drum academy is just 8 years old as of audition day.