Just like the American entertainment industry, the Canadian industry is quite famous for producing various reality shows. One of the most famous reality show ever produced in the country is Canada’s Got Talent. The first season of Canada’s Got Talent aired back in March 2012. The season received enormous appreciation from the critics and the audience. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, the show couldn’t continue for long.

About Canada’s Got Talent Renewal Status for 2023-24

Interestingly, after a decade-long year, Canada’s Got Talent has made a comeback. The show is back to air in its 2022-23 season for its precious audience and critics. Let us hope that we see some unique and eye-catching talent this season on Canada’s Got Talent. 

How to apply for Canada’s Got Talent season 2023-24?

Normally, most reality shows have a set deadline for auditions but, that is not the case with Canada’s Got Talent. Canada’s Got Talent normally does not have a set audition deadline. The officials of the show along with their official website only insist users or interested participants apply sooner rather than later. 

Similarly, as soon as the 2022-23 season was given a green signal, immediately the auditions started for the season. So, for the 2023-24 season, we can expect the same thing, only when the next season is given a green signal. Now, here is the process of how one can apply for Canada’s Got Talent season 2023-24:-

  • The registrations are open only on the official broadcaster of the show and that is citytv.com. Visit this official website for the application details https://www.citytv.com/show/canadas-got-talent/apply/ 
  • After you visit this website you will see two options on the screen and they are “Apply as a Solo Act” and “Apply as a group act”
  • You will need to click either one of them as per your preference 
  • After you click either one of them it will lead you to a different webpage where you will need to provide lots of answers to the questions asked by the officials 
  • Some of the basic details are name, email ID, phone number, do you live in Canada, city, province, and many more 
  • At the end you will also need to upload videos as per the options you choose. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions for videos very carefully 
  • After filling out all the information tick on the box that says “I agree with the following:” 
  • After you have clicked on that box make sure to re-check all the information provided and click on “Submit” button 

Details Required for Canada’s Got Talent Season 2023-24

Here are some of the requirements that one must go through to get hired on Canada’s Got Talent:-

  • The age criteria for every applicant must be 18 years and above 
  • If the candidate has any relation with CityTV then they cannot apply for the show
  • Candidates must have some unique talent to be selected for the show 
  • All the contact details provided by the candidates must be valid and working along with the documents they ask 
  • All the contestants must be a legal resident of Canada and must have a proof of it
  • At the time of audience all the candidates must possess the DVD of their performance 

Guidelines for Contestants to be on Canada’s Got Talent 2023-24

Here are some of the guidelines one must follow to be on Canada’s Got Talent 2023-24:-

  • All the contestants must strictly follow all the terms and conditions 
  • All the documents should be valid and updated 
  • He or she must not have a criminal background 
  • Contestants are allowed to bring instruments or any article to perform for the audience 
  • Contestants will require to perform by themselves when they come to perform 

Tips to get selected on Canada’s Got Talent 2023-24

Here are some of the tips of how one can get selected on Canada’s Got Talent 2023-24 easily:-

  • Come up with some unique talent so that the judges find it attractive 
  • If you are singing a song make sure they are not a famous one and an original one 
  • Follow all the rules and regulations strictly 
  • Respect all the cast, crews, and judges present and their decisions as well 
  • Do not use language or vocabs that will hurt other religion, country, or cast

When is Canada’s Got Talent Auditions going to start?

Canada’s Got Talent 2023 has been kickstarted & auditions will start airing from 21 March 2023.