Meet Alan From Love Triangle

Love Triangle is set to be back again with the new season. It is a show that challenges the singles to search for a connection deeper than the surface level and choose the right partner through text with no sharing of identity like photos, videos, or whatsoever.

Alan, a prospective businessman and former semi-professional AFL player, is a participant on the show. He shares that his search for a potential match has only led to disappointment and heartbreaks, with no positive outcomes.

Alan has been heartbroken several times in the past, and his behavior on dates with women has been perceived as “inauthentic,” leading to him being labeled as an “F-Boy.”

Alan is on a mission to find his ideal partner who matches his authenticity and commitment style, and he believes that exploring options in a love triangle will help him achieve this goal. By keeping an open mind and exploring his options, he wishes to find someone who shares his values and complements his unique personality.

Alan matches up with a country girl Caithy 25, and flirty Jess 30. With his first message as U up? Really isn’t supporting his case of serious commitment. Alan chooses Jess, Was it a mistake? Well, we will know about that later.

Alan Bio & Wiki

Alan is a skilled electrician who resides in the bustling city of Melbourne. He is 33 years old and living alone. Alan wants a serious commitment but often gets misjudged for his appearance and his dating behavior.

Alan is a man who lives by himself, except for his faithful companion, Feb, a 7-year-old Labrador. Despite living alone, Alan never feels lonely because Feb is always by his side. Alan is a fun-loving person, but when it comes to being in a relationship, he can be quite emotional and sensitive.

Alan Net Worth

Alan is a skilled electrician and a semi-professional NFL player. Normally a semi-professional football player earns about $30,000 to $60,000 annually, with his salary from a skilled electrician and his appearances in reality TV shows.

 Alan’s net worth is estimated at around $200,000 which is quite good for a single living individual.

Alan’s appearances on Other Shows

Alan appeared in the second season of Love Triangle, Australia. Although about his appearance on other shows, there is no mention of him on any other shows. 

He came into this Love Triangle to find himself in a faithful and committed relationship. I hope he finds it.