Light Balance Kids on America’s Got Talent All Stars

The 2nd night of the year witnessed the premier of the year’s biggest show AGT all-stars. The very first episode of the show witnessed the Golden Buzzer performance by a Ukrainian dance crew named Light Balance Kids. The show was covered live on blogs such as brethrenpedia .

Howie Mondal pressed Golden Buzzer on the outstanding performance of the Light Balance Kids Dance Group.
Here’s what we know so far about the Light Balance Kids Dance group.

When did Light Balance Kids Dance Group appear on AGT previously?

The Dance crew Light Balance Kids appeared previously on the 14th installment of America’s Got Talent way back in 2020. In their previous appearance, the Dance group then also received the Golden Buzzer & appeared in the finale of the show. However, the Group was unable to make it to win the AGT winners trophy.

The Struggle behind Success of Light Balance Kids – Ukrainian Dance Group

Light Balance Kids traveled from Kyiv, Ukraine to Los Angeles, California to compete on “America’s Got Talent.”
The group performed a routine that earned them four yeses from the judges. Since their first performance on “America’s Got Talent” in 2019, the home of Kyiv, Ukraine has come under attack from Russia.

What did they said?

A member of the group said that some of the dancers traveled to the competition solo because some of their parents are still in the war in Ukraine. She remembered waking up at 4 am when her family grabbed her and they ran to the underground station because it was bombs and rockets everywhere.

Another dancer added that the group was happy to return to show the world that light always wins.
Klum was equally impressed with the group’s performance. He said that it was the best performance that you have ever done.

He added that it was by a mile. Reflecting on what the group has experienced, Cowell said that if anything defines an AllStar, it was that performance.

He agreed that the message of the group is amazing. Mandel agreed and said that the group’s message is a bright spot in the dark world. He said that he would like to do something to help support the group, and he hit the Golden Buzzer, firing a shower of confetti at the dancers.

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