Finally, BBC Celebrity Masterchef  Winner 2022 (Masterchef 2022 Winner) on BBC had made it to the Finale with the top 3 contestants and judges have already selected the winner of the Celebrity Masterchef  UK among these top 3 competitors.

Celebrity Masterchef  2022 Winner – Lisa Snowdon

Ist Runner up – Melanie Blatt

2nd Runner up – Danny Jones

We spotted several fantastic dishes and bake-offs from this new cast throughout the course of the full season. Our judges awarded & appreciated many of these performances and chefs

Masterchef winners 2022

This year, we saw an all-new format of MasterChef UK. Apart from the mind-blowing quarter-final & semi-final rounds, the show featured 20 celebrity Masterchef contestants who were eliminated during the course of the show & finally got our top three finalists.

Now ample of the wait and let’s spill the beans on who are the winners of Masterchef  Uk 2022.

  • The Masterchef  Uk  2022 Winner is Lisa Snowdon.
  • The First Runner-Up of Masterchef  Uk  2022 is Melanie Blatt.
  • Masterchef  Uk  2022 Second Runner-Up is Danny Jones

Masterchef Uk winner gets a hammering & satisfying Masterchef trophy.

Masterchef Uk Finalists 2022

This year Masterchef  Uk saw some amazing dishes and chefs. Out of these 20 talented chefs, the cream of the crop top 2 made it to the finale. Originally, 3 acts were selected for the finale.

These were the top 3 finalists of the Masterchef Uk 2022 Season.

Sr no.Finalist NameWhat do ?Position
1Danny JonesMusician/TV JudgeFinalist
2Melanie BlattMusicianFinalist
3Lisa SnowdonTV presenterFinalis
Masterchef 2022 Winner

All the finalists of Masterchef Uk 2022 have come a long way proving themselves worthy of the position they are holding now. With that said, the one who is UK’s favorite and stands out has got to be Lisa Snowdown. Many are betting on Lisa Snowdown who is predicted to be the next Masterchef  Uk  2022 winner.

There are two next favorites, and they are Melanie Blatt and Dannie Jones. They too stand a fair chance to be one of the winners of Masterchef  Uk.

MasterChef uk winner updates