Workin Moms Season 8 Audition Requirements

All womens from Workin Moms on the floor

Workin Moms has been with us for quite a long time now. This series has successfully aired seven seasons so far for all of its fans and critics. Many people were desperate to become a part of this amazing television series. Now, here are the audition requirements for Workin Moms:-

  • The age depends on the role on offer but, you must be at least 21 years old and above 
  • Must be a valid citizen of Canada
  • They must have proper and up-to-date documents such as passports, driving licenses, or birth certificate
  • The travel expenses will need to be bear by the individuals only 
  • Applicants must not have a criminal history, if found they will strictly not be allowed for the filming duration 
  • Applicants must be available for the whole shooting duration 

Audition Process for Workin Mom Season 8

The audition process for most television series is conducted by visiting in person. Now, the official casting website may ask for a short video of yourself so that, the officials of the show can look at you and can shortlist. 

If you are shortlisted by the officials, then you will get a call about where and when to perform your auditions. Now, the travel expenses for your auditions must be bear by you and not by the official production company. 

Tips for a Successful Workin Moms Season 8 Audition 

Here are some efficient tips for a successful Workin Moms season 8 audition:-

  • Be Prepared- Always be prepared before and after giving your auditions. This is because you can be asked anything to do while giving your auditions and for that you must be prepared. 
  • Be Confident- When you are confident, you can perform anything that you are asked by the officials. When you are confident enough, it gives you a good boost to your audition performance
  • Be Punctual- Punctuality is one of the major parameters that must be followed while you are giving an audition. It gives a good impact towards others and makes a good impression
  • Dress Appropriately- Always make sure you dress appropriately while performing your auditions. Dressing and speaking properly makes a good first impact to others which will make a good memory of you. 

Workin Moms Season 8 Casting Updates

Unfortunately, in an interview, the show creator, Catherine Reitman revealed that the eighth season of this show is cancelled. Yes, the seventh season of the show is the last that the fans and critics will be witnessing. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a casting update for the eighth season of this show. 

Until then if the 8th season of the show happens, then we can only assume major casts from the previous season to make a return. Some of the casts are the following:-

  • Catherine Reitman as Kate Foster 
  • Dani Kind as Anne Carlson 
  • Philip Sternberg as Nathan Foster
  • Ryan Belleville as Lionel Carlson 
  • Sadie Munroe as Alice Carlson 

Preparation Tips for Workin Moms Season 8 Audition 

Here are some preparation tips for Workin Moms audition:-

  • Conduct research- When going for an acting audition, you must know your character or other related things properly. You must know every detail regarding the show and their relationship status. 
  • Read your work- It’s always helpful and puts a great impact when you have read your script properly. 
  • Put yourself in the character- You must be the character that you are portraying before the judges. 
  • Practice- Make sure you have done enough practice sessions before giving your auditions 

Workin Moms Season 8 Open Casting Calls 

Unfortunately, Workin Moms will not be returning for its 8th season for the fans and critics. The officials of the show will not be making any casting calls for the upcoming season of the show. 

We can only assume that, if the new installment happens then we can see some unknown new faces and some major roles will be back. Now, as of now, these are all dreams and not a fact. 

Workin Moms Season 8 Casting Director Expectations 

The creator of the show canceled the eighth season only because she did not want creativity and love to dry out. She is willing to stop the show when it is loved by all and is receiving great appreciation from all across the globe. 

She has also revealed that many shows have lost their juice and love by making new seasons. Now, this is what the creator of the show does not want. She also revealed that she knew in her head how this series would have ended. She was even asked if there will be any spinoff series, but she was not convinced. 

Resume and Headshot Guidelines for Workin Moms Season 8 Auditions 

Here are some guidelines for Workin Moms auditions:-

  • Make sure you have uploaded a good-quality photo 
  • The primary focus should always be on your eyes 
  • Make sure you are giving a decent smile. It must be warm and beautiful 
  • The photo needs to be chest up or ¾ 
  • Your headshots need to be in color and fit into 8×10 prints