Big Brother Canada is a Canadian reality show that began back in the year 2013. The show has got ten seasons already under its belt with the 11th season being recently aired. The show is all about a group of people sharing an isolated home without being evicted by the housemates and the last one standing becomes the winner.

The show consisting of different people including both male and female has got different contestants and one among them is Anika Mysha. The 28-year-old has been making news ever since she has taken part in Big Brother season 11. Let us know more about her in detail. 

Anika Age 

Anika is a 28-year-old hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her occupation is that she is an investment advisor and introduces herself as typically the loudest person in the room. She seems to be one of the strong contestants in the show as her strategy is to win people over by building tight bonds and playing a fair game. 

Anika Bio 

Anika Mysha originally comes from Bangladesh and is one of the contestants on BBCAN. She introduces herself as a strong person and loves to get the attention of people. Apart from that she loves dancing and is into cultural dancing as well.

She just wants to play a fair game in the reality show and hopes that her strategy will really work out in the end. It was only because of her strong personality and also her looks that she thought that she was selected for BBCAN season 11. 

Name Anika Mysha 
Age 28
Hometown Saskatoon, Sask.
Occupation Investment advisor
Relationship status Single 
Zodiac Taurus 
Anika Bio

Anika Wiki 

Anika is an investment advisor and is also a reality television personality. The 28-year-old has become quite the news after she appeared on BBCAN season 11. She is a houseguest on the ongoing reality show’s season 11. The 11th season of BBCAN premiered back on March 8th, 2023 on Global and was hosted by Arisa Cox. 

Anika Mysha was announced as the houseguest quite early in the month of March. It was BBCAN that shared this news on social media and even uploaded it on their official website as well. Anika’s strong personality is one of the reasons why she got selected in the first place and she is very much ready to give her all to become the ultimate winner of BBCAN season 11. So, it is quite high time for her as the show will be ending and her fans will only wish the best for her in the upcoming episodes. 

Anika Net Worth

Anika works as a investment advisor which is also her profession and it is possible that she makes decent money out of it. As of now her net worth is still under review and if she could win the 11th season of BBCAN then she will be receiving a prize money of $100,000. 

Anika Family 

Anika is a Canadian resident but she is originally from Bangladesh. However, it was during the cast of BBCAN season 11 she had revealed that she stays with her mother and has got her relatives back in Bangladesh as well. She is still single and is currently a contestant of the reality show BBCAN season 11. 

Anika Journey In Big Brother So Far

Anika took the houseguest position back in the month of March. Anika is one of the finalists in the BBCAN season 11 and reached the final four in the latest season. Along with Anika, Claudia, Daniel, Ty has also reached the final week of the game and also the season. It was during this week Anika, who is the Head of Household had nominated Claudia and Renee for eviction. In the end, Anika found herself having to nominate her closest ally, Daniel. 

Claudia had voted for Daniel to go and Ty had voted for Renee. As HoH, Anika was forced to break the tie. She had to cast the final vote against Renee. So far Anika has been doing really great in the show and her strong personality is the only reason that she was able to survive till the final week. Fans and followers would have to stay tuned for the final episodes and wish that Anika becomes the ultimate winner.