Voting in a reality contest can be tricky and exciting at the same. Now, singing competitions like American Idol are directly linked to the voting system. Results are declared using the voting system from the audience or the normal public.

American idol Vote 2023
American Idol Voting

American Idol Audience Voting Explained 

Now, when a show is directly dependent on a voting system, it must be properly designed. The voting system of American Idol gives a superior experience, almost no people who have previously voted for their favorite American Idol contestant have experienced failure. Now, there are certain terms and conditions one must fulfill for a proper voting system. 

How does Voting work for American Idol 2023? 

There are three ways of voting for your favorite contestant on American Idol and they are online (through the website), via an app, and via text message. Anyone who is willing to vote can use any of these methods to vote. 

The first thing to vote for is to know when the voting portal is open. Not every time the official voting portal is open for voting. The official voting time begins on Sunday and Monday nights during the East Coast broadcast at 8 PM. Voting times could vary depending on the method you choose. When you get into the voting portal at the right time you will simply need to register and log in.

American Idol Voting Link

Followed by a validation process will be held and then you will need to choose the contestant you want to vote. You can vote up to 10 times for each remaining contestant. You will need to submit your vote online or simply by clicking the ‘vote’ button on the official application. Or if you are sending a vote through text then, you will need to send a text to your chosen contestant to 21523. 

After you have cast your votes, the individual can reallocate their votes online until the voting closes. Make sure to hit the ‘save’ button each time you make any changes.

Voting Guidelines for American Idol 2023

Here are the simple rules for voting on American Idol:-

  • The voting for any contestants is open for viewers over the age of 13 
  • Users can use any of the three methods above for voting and not any third-party applications or sources 
  • 10 votes can be cast via an app, 10 votes from the official website, and 10 via text messages
  • Users will have thirty votes to use for any of the three voting methods 
  • Voters must be from the host country 
  • Make sure to follow the voting timeline or else you will lose your vote 
  • Live voting will occur at the grand finale 

American Idol Voting Controversies 

Controversies will surely take place every season and it did take place in almost every season of American Idol. Here are some controversies of American Idol:-

  • There was an autodialer power-voting tool used in the first season of American Idol. 
  • There was a phone scam in the second season of the show. A scam based in Salt Lake City, Utah was discovered. 
  • There was a voting number mix-up in the fourth season. Three contestants had their numbers mixed up. 

History of Voting on American Idol

American Idol always had controversies while voting. Almost every season of the show saw some controversies when it came to voting. The 13th season of American Idol broke records with over 71 million votes cast in the first performance only. 

From 2006 to 2012, the number of votes in the singing competition show doubled to 132 million. That figure is more than the number of votes cast in the 2012 election of this singing competition show. 

Judges who will be voting & Deciding the American Idol 

Here are the judges who will be voting and making their final decision on American Idol:-

  • Katy Perry 
  • Luke Bryan and 
  • Lionel Richie 

What if I Change my Mind for my favorite contestant?

In case you change your mind after voting & decided to vote for any other singer, no worries! There is a process called Voting Reallocation & you can change your vote anytime before the Voting portal closes.