How To Vote For Love Island USA 2023?

It is not just only about watching the reality television series but viewers can also participate in it by voting their favorite casts. If you are new and do not know how to vote for Love Island USA 2023 then this article might provide you with the solution for it.

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Love Island USA Voting 

Creators and the production team along with the production house only want to keep the viewers interested in the show. This is why they make things interesting for the viewers by letting them vote for Love Island USA couple in the show.

Fans and viewers are typically given the opportunity to support their favorite couples by allowing them to vote. This is because fans can weigh in on which matches are the most and the least compatible, throughout each series. 

It is only 2% votes.

When Will Voting Start On Love Island USA Finale 2023?

Love Island Finale Voting is live now & will close soon before the finale air date 27 August. There have been announcements made by the host, Maya Jama herself. Viewers of the show will be given the necessary information about the Love Island USA voting Season 5.

It is through the votes it will be decided which couples will be staying and who will be sent home. The power is in the hands of the public as they are the ones who will ultimately decide their favorite couple of the show this season as well.

With the help of these votes, Islanders decide who will stay behind and who will have to be sent home. The couple who receives the most votes during the finale week of the series is declared the winner.

If you are one of the viewers of the popular dating show then you too have the chance to vote for your favorite couple. Here is how you can do that. 

How To Vote On Love Island USA Season 5 – 2023?

Voting on Love Island USA is super easy. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below and then you can easily cast your vote for your favorite couple. 

  • If you have got a smartphone then you must first go to your App Store (for Apple users) or the Play store (for Android users) 
  • Then you would have to download the Love Island Application 
  • Open the application on your device and do as you are prompted
  • Apple users will be prompted to authenticate their device. To authenticate the device users would have to put in their Apple ID in order to be able to vote.
  • Go to the voting section in the application to vote
  • The casting of vote is free of cost and can be done only once per device
  • Once you have submitted your vote then it will be recorded and you cannot make any changes now. 

Stats & Facts Regarding Voting On Love Island USA Season 5 – 2023

The average viewership of the show for its very first season was around 2.19 million which only indicates the show’s popularity and love among their fans all across the globe. However, the seasons that arrived later did not have this kind of average but it was pretty decent enough to say that the show did receive a good amount of viewership. 

The fifth season which is going to be Love Island’s upcoming season will be premiering on July 18th. Therefore, there will be no major details to share about its statistics and facts on its voting numbers. However, ITV did reveal the numbers for the previous season which clearly stated the victorious couple as they had deserved it. 

Sanam Harrinanan and Kai Fagan received 44% of the votes from the viewers and were revealed as the ultimate winners of the previous season. Followed by them were Lana Jenkins and Ron Hall with a voting percentage of 30%. Tom Clare and Sami Elisha stood third as they received only 24% of votes whereas Shaq Muhammed and Tanya Manhenga stood forth with