When Does At Home Voting Begins At Masked Singer Australia?

The Masked Singer Australia came back with its fifth season in the first half of Sep 2023. Network 10 had announced the renewal long ago and now the show is finally processing to its further stages where the voting will soon be beginning.

The voting is one of the crucial stages here because from now onwards there will be elimination and also artists will be unmasking themselves. Let us see when the home voting begins this season at Masked Singer Australia season 5.

What is Masked Singer At Home Voting?

Audience will be voting for their favorite unknown artist in this stage and the artist getting the higher number of votes will be remaining for the further stages of the competition show.

On the other hand, the artist receiving the least amount of votes will be in risk of elimination and also they would have to get themselves unmasked as well. 

Voting Process For Masked Singer Australia

The voting process is super simple where only the audience has the power to vote while the panelists have to just sit back and relax. The vote will be done by the audience that are present live on the sets.

The voting will begin at the end of the performance after every round and the artist who receives the lowest votes in each of the voting rounds then gets unmasked and eliminated until the winner is declared. 

How To Vote For Masked Singer Australia?

The viewers of this singing competition show were also allowed to vote but it seems that the voting has been stopped now for their favorite artist. The production team may have been encouraging viewers in the voting process in the US version of the Masked Singer.

Viewers can have the chance to vote by winning a loyalty pass. Only if you are able to win the pass will you be getting the chance for an online vote. Additionally, you may also win some exciting prizes as well. There is also a live guessing game that is conducted on social media. You can be a part of that as well. 

Masked Singer Australia Voting Registration 

There is a procedure to register first before you can vote for your favorite artist in the singing competition show. You would have to visit the official website and register yourself first only if you are allowed to vote. Fill in with the details that have been asked and then you can cast your vote. It is possible that you can vote only once after registering. 

You must keep yourself updated with the beginning of the voting process from the live shows or from social media platforms. Either way if the official website is allowing you to cast your vote then you can do that immediately because there has been news that the voting process has been stopped. 

Modes Of Voting On Masked Singer Australia

There were two modes of voting on the Masked Singer Australia where one was the live audience voting and the other was the online voting. Viewers sitting at home could use the online website to vote for their favorite artist while the live audience did the same thing but offline.

The votes are important for the artists because it will decide whether they are going to remain in the show for the further stages of getting eliminated.