Avery Dixon Biography: Who is Avery Dixon, the AGT star?

Have you watched the latest season of America’s Got Talent: All-Stars? If not then you surely do not know who is Avery Dixon. This season we got so many talented people on America’s Got Talent who was in the race to become AGT all-stars champions and Avery Dixon is one of them. Avery Dixon is a famous saxophonist who appeared on the 17th season of America’s Got Talent.

Avery Dixon Age

Avery Dixon is just 21 years old and hails from Atlanta. He has already proved to the world how beautifully he can play his saxophone. This young saxophonist has impressed millions of hearts through his incredible delivery on the 17th season of America’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent: All-Stars.

Avery Dixon Interesting Facts

Avery became an internet sensation right after he delivered his auditions on America’s Got Talent. People started to know him better and watched him perform in every episode. Unfortunately, Avery Dixon did not win the 17th season of AGT but, he surely made it into the final list of contestants.

He is also the first talented saxophonist to earn the golden buzzer of America’s Got Talent. Avery revealed that he was nicknamed ‘Hammerhead’ because of the knots he had in his head. In one of his episodes, Avery also revealed that previously he was in a very ‘dark place’ and he wanted to commit suicide.

Avery Dixon Career

Avery Dixon surely did not have a good childhood. He faced lots of struggles, especially during his school days. In one of his shows, he revealed that he was bullied horribly during his young days. It was at that moment when Avery Dixon thought of taking up a saxophone and building his career on it. This life-changing decision taken from Avery changed his entire life and made it brighter.

Avery completed his primary studies at a local high school which is located in his hometown. He has also completed his graduation from a well-known university. Avery has always been proud to share his performance details.

He received first place when he performed on ‘Star of Tomorrow at Amateur Night’. Other than that, Avery has also performed at the Bijou Theatre talent show. He was seen performing on ‘Your Time to Shine’ using his saxophone. His unique style of playing saxophone made him popular in the local area.

Avery first released his debut single, ‘Song 34’ as his album name. Recently, in 2022, he was seen performing on the highly competitive show, America’s Got Talent. He was also named the most powerful candidate on America’s Got Talent season 17 after he received the golden buzzer from the judges.

Avery Dixon Journey in AGT All-Stars so far

Currently, Avery Dixon is having a bright career. Avery Dixon first auditioned on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. He played the famous ‘Happy’ from Pharre Williams on his saxophone. This surely did not go unnoticed by the judges sitting before him.

He received enough votes on the same night which helped him reach the Top 3. Later, he received more votes from the Superfans of the show. Interestingly, this helped him move into the finals of AGT: All-Stars. 

On the finals of AGT: All Stars episode number AS07 he played ‘September’ on his saxophone. He was backed by his beautiful band. At the end of the play, all the judges gave him a standing ovation and it was surely a proud moment for him.

At the finale, Avery performed ‘Every Little Step’ by Bobby Brown with Babyface. He received votes from Superfan and entered the Top 5. Unfortunately, in the end, he finished in second place just behind Aidan Bryant.

Avery Dixon’s Net Worth

Avery Dixon is a very young and beautiful artist. He surely has a bright and good future ahead. We are sure he will have enough opportunities ahead of him. The net worth of Avery Dixon is expected to be $20 million.

Avery Dixon Family and Girlfriend

Avery Dixon’s father is Marcus Dixon and his mother is Lisa Dixon. Avery has one brother, Cortex Dixon. He receives lots of support from his family, especially his mother. Avery got his inspiration from his grandfather Maxwell Davis. As of now, Avery Dixon is single and has no rumored girlfriend.