Britain’s Got Talent 2023 is currently taking into action where people and as well as the judges are witnessing some of the best talents from across the globe. Similarly, one of the contestants that has evolved in his fame after his last performance in the talent show is MB14 who also goes by the name Mohamed Belkhir.

His performance was something that the fans and as well as the live audience will never forget as it received not only a standing ovation from the crowd but also the ‘Golden Buzzer’ from the judges. 

MB14 Real Name

The real name of MB14 is Mohamed Belkhir. MB14 is a singer aged 28 from France. He had performed last Saturday and his incredible performance made him win the Golden Buzzer.

Belkhir just like most other singing talents have understood that he always had an interest for singing which is why he wants to make a good career out of it. Now, with his entry in the Britain’s Got Talent it is almost possible that he could get a massive boost in his career by winning the ultimate title. 


Mohamed Belkhir aka MB14 is 28 years old from France. At an early age it was during his schooldays when he used to take part in choir lessons. Ever since then he started singing and performing at the same time which was one of the reasons why he was so confident during his previous performance.

It was during his high school stages where he had entered the drama class and it was during that point of time when he stepped on stage for the first time ever. Soon after that at such a young age he realised that that is where he was supposed to be and was passionate about. 

Net Worth

Mohamed Belkhir’s net worth is $5 million. Well, this is because he is not just a performer in Britain’s Got Talent but has also taken part in The Voice France’s fifth season back in the year 2015-2016. Apart from that the singer also has got great followers in his YouTube channel and has got more than 750,000 subscribers.

Therefore, he does earn a decent amount from YouTube as well after posting a video. His net worth would also increase if he could become the next winner of Britain’s Got Talent but the road to the final would be difficult and competitive for him because there are other talented performers whom he would have to compete with. 

Audition Performance & Song

Mohamed Belkhir performed a beatboxing performance previous episode as his audition for which he received the grand ‘Golden Buzzer’ from the presenter’s Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly. These guys were so impressed that they used their Golden Buzzer to send Belkhir send straight through the live shows.

It was not the first time that Belkhir had performed in a talent show because previously he had appeared in shows like The Voice France and is also a Beatboxing champion. 

MB14 Golden Buzzer

MB14 is just the initials for his name and the number is just a lucky number for Belkhir. It was truly a lucky performance that the audience received from him because there will be almost no other performer being able to deliver such an entertaining performance.

Belkhir’s audition in the fourth week of Britain’s Got Talent on Saturday got him the Golden Buzzer from the presenters which was something new. 

Performance On Other Platforms

  • MB14 had appeared on The Voice France back in the year 2015-2016 and had ended up finishing as the finalist.
  • He later went on to compete in All Stars version couple of years later.
  • MB14 has got around 35,000 listeners on Spotify and was also a part of the beatboxing group, Berywam.