When Is The New Season of Botched? 

Most Gen-Z have grown up watching Botched and it surely is one of the best American reality television series out there. Still, the very first season and episodes of the show give nostalgic vibes to the ones who have been following the show ever since it hit television. 

Now, after the release of its 8th season for all the fans and followers, many are expecting when will a new season come from the officials. The 8th season of this American reality show concluded on October 10, 2023, which is nearly a month back and the fans are already expecting the release date for its ninth season. 

The eighth season of this American reality show got amazing views and appreciation from viewers across the globe. They were quite happy and satisfied with the return of this amazing season and most importantly looking at the cast one more time.

We do not see any reason why the officials of the show can cancel any further seasons. The more seasons they come the better it becomes for all the viewers. Further in this article, we will talk about whether there will be a new season of Botched or not.

Will There Be A New Season of Botched in 2024?

It might be upsetting for many but, the eighth season of this amazing American reality show ended one month back. Sometimes renewing a show takes quite some time, not all shows are given a green signal soon after they have concluded a previous season. Unfortunately, we do not know how long will it take for the officials of the show to renew for another season. 

There is currently no news for a ninth season of Botched. The eighth season of the show was renewed last year during the summer and concluded the following year.

We can expect an official update regarding the ninth season of the show very soon from the officials. But, all the fans and viewers who are willing to watch the show one more time can easily watch all the previous seven seasons on Peacock. 

How Can I Apply For Botched Auditions? 

If you are willing to be a part of this amazing and one of the most famous American reality shows you can definitely be one. The officials of the show have given the opportunity to potential candidates to become a part of this show and unwrap their talent. If you are lucky enough you might land some lead roles but, that is very tough to get. 

Now, here is how one can apply for Botched auditions:-

  • All the potential candidates are required to visit its official website which is botchedcasting.com or you could simply click on this link BOTCHED Casting 
  • After you have clicked on this link you will see the official webpage of  the show where you need to read all the terms and conditions 
  • Just scroll down below the same page and you can see a “Apply Now” button which needs to be clicked 
  • After you click on that option it will lead you to a different page where some basic information will be asked and you need to fill it
  • Some basic information that will be asked are first name, last name, email address, what’s botched (section), and many more 
  • Make sure you answer them honestly and then after submitting all the photos make sure to click on the “Submit Form” button present at the end of the page 

What Are The Eligibility Criteria & Requirements to Be On Botched Season 9 Auditions? 

Here are the eligibility criteria and requirements to be on Botched:-

  • The minimum age requirement to be on the show is 18 years old and not below that 
  • All candidates must be legally present in the United States of America and must have proof of being a citizen of the country
  • You must be available for the shooting period
  • Candidates must not have a criminal background or is into some criminal activity 
  • If you are selected as a potential participant then you must execute waivers and release agreements required by Producer and NBCUniversal 

Application Process for Botched Season 9 Auditions?

Here is the application process of Botched:-

  • Everyone must know that the application process of being on Botched is online 
  • The application form of the show is available in the official casting website 
  • Casting of the show is not handled by Dr. Dubrow’s office, so do not apply from that website 
  • Fill all the necessary information that are required for the show 
  • Make sure to recheck them once you are done with everything 
  • Now click on the submit button 
  • If you are shortlisted the officials of the show will make a call to you about further process