The Voice recently completed its episode 7 and featured some amazing performances. The whole episode was filled with emotions, fun, and beautiful songs from singers across the country. One of the singers who gave his blind auditions in the latest episode of the singing competition show was Dylan Carter. 

He took the stage by storm and impressed all the judges present on the show. His singing ability and knowledge is being appreciated by fans of the show from across the country.

Dylan Carter is a 20-year-old singer who comes from South Carolina. His journey to the big singing competition stage was filled with emotions. He made all the people inside the auditorium emotional and why he did it we will talk about it later in the article.

Why Judges Were Emotional After Dylan’s Auditions? 

Dylan’s journey to this big singing competition stage was not very easy. He not only struggled in his singing history but, in his family matters as well.

It was his mother who had passed away last year. Dylan revealed that he had grown up listening to music only because of his mother and the audition song he sang “I Look to You” by Whitney Houston was one of her favourite songs. 

Carter said that this song meant so much for his mother and she had also requested him to sing the song at her funeral. Unfortunately, Dylan could not believe that his mother’s funeral would be as soon as he had expected. After his mother unexpectedly passed away, he had a very hard time in singing and developing himself.

But, that was when The Voice Blind Auditions came in and Dylan seized the opportunity and he gave a grand tribute to his late mother on the singing competition stage. 

The Story Behind Dylan’s Emotional Song

The song Dylan Carter chose was very close to him and his mother. In some way, we could say that it was his mother who introduced him to the musical world. It is because since he was a small child, it was his mother who taught him lessons and helped him create a passion for the field. 

Dylan revealed that the reason why he chose to sing this song was because this song was very close to her mother’s heart. It was one of her favourite songs and she would listen to it quite frequently when she was alive. Dylan’s mother had a very deep connection and feeling to the song and that is one of the reasons why she asked him to sing the song during her funeral.

Unfortunately, this was not the ending Dylan was looking for. But, his mother passed away very soon and now Dylan had to keep up the promise that he gave to his late mother. He found out that The Voice is starting a brand-new season and this is the best chance for him to give a grand tribute to his late mother.

During the blind auditions, he sang “I Look To You” by Whitney Houston and deeply remembered his late mother. It was surely a wholesome moment not only for Dylan but, for all the people and the superstar coaches present inside the auditorium. 

Dylan Carter Age- How Old is He?

Dylan Carter is a 20-year-old young and talented singer from South Carolina. His brilliant and highly emotional performance gives him much recognition from across the country. People from different states are pouring in lots of love and appreciation for this young and talented kid from South Carolina. 

It is quite sad for Dylan Carter that he lost his mother at a very young age. He is surely going through a very rough time even after a year of losing his mother. Not many of us will know what he is feeling as losing a mother is the most difficult phase a child can have in their life. We are sure he will get lots of new opportunities and will grab them and make his mother proud. 

Dylan Carter’s Biography & Singing Journey 

Dylan Carter was born and brought up in South Carolina, United States of America. He has been very passionate about the musical world since he was a small child. It was his mother who played a major part in his musical journey. After his blind auditions on The Voice season 24 people from different parts of the country are feeling emotional about this young child. 

Dylan was born in 2003 and lives in Sumter. His mother’s name is Julie B. Carter and he has a brother whose name is Cole Carter. Dylan’s passion for music shows that he is very serious about it and is willing to make a career in it. 

Dylan is a very young and talented child and is at the start of his musical career. Through his Instagram post, we can guess that he is not a social media user but, he does what he loves. 

Net Worth of Dylan Carter

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact net worth of Dylan Carter. He is still very young and has just started his career in the musical industry. We are sure he will get lots of opportunities in the field in the future. If he happens to win the finale of The Voice season 24 then he will be rewarded heavily.