Matt Wilson

American Idol is all about talented singers and their skills. The latest season of American Idol has seen lots of talented and beautiful singers. They have just amazed all the superstar judges before them by giving them awesome auditions. One of the similar contestants who has made a huge impact on the latest American Idol Top 12 is Matt Wilson.

Matt Wilson Entered top 12 of American idol

Matt Wilson came into the limelight when he made his debut appearance on the latest season of American Idol. People from across the globe has become a super fan of his unique and amazing singing skills and knowledge. Matt Wilson is from Buffalo, New York and is just 21 years old. 

Matt Wilson American Idol Audition Performance 

Matt Wilson performed his first American Idol audition nearly a month ago. Yes, his audition performance was highly appreciated by all the judges present there. During his audition performance, he revealed that he worked in a daycare that had to take care of amazing kids.

He had come with his wife Melissa to give his auditions. He revealed that it was all because of her that he came to audition and is taking part in the show. The audition song he sang was ‘For Tonight’ by Giveon. 

He then started singing and without a doubt, we can say he sang beautifully. After he finished his singing, all the judges before him gave a standing ovation. For Matt, it felt like it was his dream come true moment. All the judges believed that he has the purity and ability to do great things in the future. The judges even called his wife over the know more about his life story. In the end, all the judges gave him a ‘Yes’ for his beautiful audition. 

Matt Wilson Age 

Matt Wilson is just 21 years old and is from Buffalo, New York. He is one of the best talented young boys who have made an amazing appearance on the latest season of American Idol. 

Matt Wilson Net Worth 

Matt Wilson is a very young and bright boy. He can surely achieve whatever he dreams of. Unfortunately, we do not know the net worth of Matt Wilson but, whatever he earns, he surely makes a happy living out of it. We are sure he will get lots of amazing opportunities ahead of his life and will be able to grab them beautifully. 

Matt Wilson Singing Career So Far 

Matt Wilson is quite active on his social media accounts, especially on Instagram. His official Instagram ID is mattwilsonsings. We can see he posts short video clips of some songs to his social media handles. 

He does lots of cover songs for his fans and followers and we do have to believe he gets huge appreciation for it. American Idol is surely one of the biggest achievements that he will ever receive. On Sunday, he advanced from the Top 26 to the Top 20 list of the ABC singing competition show. 

Matt Wilson Awards and Achievements 

Matt Wilson surely have received lots of awards and presents throughout his singing career. But, the biggest award for him is his wife. He dedicates all his singing career to her and his family. He might not have won any notable awards and achievements but, if he wins the latest season of American Idol then he will receive heavy prize money and a beautiful award.