Tekken is a reputed and worldwide-known Japanese media franchise that is centered on a series of fighting videos and arcade games. The game has got several installments ever since it was introduced to game lovers across the globe. The first ever game that was released was back in the year 1994. Tekken 9 will be the 11th installment in the Tekken series.

Tekken 9 Release Date Speculation 

Tekken 9 is all set to release first in the Japanese arcades in Sep 2024. Tekken 8 still has yet to be released officially and once it hits the gaming platforms, the exact timeline for Tekken 9 will be confirmed. However, if you are able to wait till Sep 2024 then you will be able to get to see the game release. 

Tekken 9 Story

Following the events of Tekken 8, Jin successfully defeated Kazuya in his Devil Form and then two years later, he set his sights towards a new goal, which was to defeat the new enemy in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 9. 

Tekken 9 Gameplay

Tekken 8 has not yet been released yet but is speculated to arrive later this year. Therefore, as of now it would be little difficult to explain about how and what the gameplay for Tekken 9 would be. Whatever it is fans and game lovers from all across the globe can expect it to be as amazing as the previous instalments.