Crying In H Mart is a book written by Michelle Zauner which will soon be turning into a movie of the same name. The book was originally published back in the year 2021 and did quite well among book readers around the globe. The book was also able to receive quite an excellent rating from the critics as well only because the storyline it had was able to make it famous.

Michelle Zauner is a huge name in the music industry as she is not just an author but also a singer and a guitarist of the musical project named ‘Japanese Breakfast’. Michelle Zauner is a Korean-American musician and an author personality who made her debut as an author by publishing ‘Crying In H Mart’. 

Crying In H Mart Casting Call

The casting call for the upcoming movie of the same name of the book has begun officially where Japanese Breakfast (Sauner’s band) had posted an update that they were looking for a female around 18-25-year-old to play the lead character of Michelle Zauner herself. It was in that specific post that the band had made it clear that they were looking for someone who would be Korean-American just like Sauner. 

It was back in the year 2018 when The New Yorker had published an essay called Crying In H Mart that was written by Sauner. In this essay readers had explored Michelle Zauner’s relationship with a grocery store (Korean) H mart soon after the death of her mother. She also expressed that it was the food that became her access point to her Korean American heritage. 

The team is now encouraging interested candidates to submit a short video introduction and send it to an email ID mentioned on the post on twitter. As of now, Sauner has not revealed whether candidates should be singer and also know to play the guitar or not. 

How To Be On Crying In H Mart Casting Call?

As of now, there have been no updates as to where the filming will be taking place but it was on the post from Japanese Breakfast on twitter that was posted back on May 22 interested candidates can submit a self-tape and send it to Visit the official Twitter post to view the proper post that was posted by the team. 

The team has mentioned clearly that they were looking for a female between the age of 18 to 25 for the lead role. They should also be Korean-American so that they can match the character that is played and portrayed in the book. Apart from that, there has been no other updates so far. 

As of now, there have been no major updates about the team looking to cast for new roles. However, director Will Sharpe has confirmed that he will be directing the movie. He has worked on one of his notable works in the second season of The White Lotus. He has also garnered various BAFTA nominations for his directing and as well as screenwriting works previously. 

How To Apply For Crying In H Mart Auditions?

The team has mentioned an email ID where interested candidates can send a self-tape introduction which will be considered as the audition process. The tape should also include the locations of the candidate because the team has made it clear that they were looking for someone of Korean-American origin so that they can fit ideally with the character.

In order to apply for the auditions just make a proper self-tape introductory video and send it to the mentioned email ID. 

Crying In H Mart Application Process

The process for applying for the auditions has already been revealed on social media platforms. If you are an eligible candidate matching the eligibility criteria mentioned by the team then you can easily apply for the audition process by submitting an introductory video of yourself on the mentioned email ID. make sure that you are at least between the age group 18-25 and must be Korean-American.