Daniel Clarke is one among the contestants that has reached the finale week of Big Brother Canada season 11. The show had started back in the year 2013 and currently has got 11 seasons under its belt already. Daniel Clarke’s journey in BBCAN season 11 has been so far quite successful as he has reached the final week of the Canadian reality show.

Daniel Clarke Wearing Yellow Cap & Shirt

Along with Daniel Clarke three other contestants has made it into the final are Anika, Claudia and Ty. With the show reaching its final stages, it has become quite difficult as to who would become the ultimate winner. 

Daniel Clarke Age 

Daniel Clarke is a 33-year-old contestant in BBCAN season 11. Daniel belongs from his hometown in Toronto, Ontario. His occupation is that he is a graphic designer. He is very much active on his social media profiles especially on his Instagram account. He has got more than 3800 followers and he has posted 815 posts till date. 

Daniel Clarke Bio 

Daniel Clarke belongs from Ontario and he is a Graphic Designer by occupation. He has made his entry in the BBCAN season 11 and has advanced to the finale stages of the show. Yes, he is one of the four contestants to reach the finale week which will be happening soon before the ultimate winner is revealed of the 11th season of the Canadian reality show. 

Full name Daniel Clarke 
Age 33
Hometown Toronto, Ontario 
Zodiac Capricorn 
Relationship status Single 
Occupation Graphic designer 
Instagram profile Daniel Clarke (@danieljclarke) • Instagram photos and videos
Daniel Clarke Wiki

Daniel Clarke Wiki 

Daniel Clarke during his BBCAN cast video has revealed that he is a strong and an energetic person. He loves to have fun but at the same time he becomes quite serious when it comes to work. He came out as a Gay black man and seems confident with himself being on the show of BBCAN season 11 and he also thinks that he could be the next ultimate winner. 

In the official website of BBCAN Daniel is described as a loud and a proud superfan that plans to play alliances to help further his game. Although he can’t keep a secret to himself and loves to gossip. Daniel will be using his cheerful and fierce determination to bring home the big win. Fans and followers of Daniel would want to him to become the next ultimate winner of season 11 of BBCAN. 

Daniel Clarke’s Net Worth 

Daniel works as a graphic designer as it is his occupation and it only seems possible that he earns quite a decent amount of money from that. As of now Daniel’s net worth is under review and if he could become the winner of BBCAN season 11 then he will be winning a grand prize money of $100,000 which is a huge amount.

As of now it is quite difficult to make an assumption about who could become the next winner because competition has become tougher than ever. 

Daniel Clarke Family

Daniel is a houseguest of BBCAN season 11 and during his cast video of BBCAN season 11 he did not reveal any details about his family members. It is possible that he has got a beautiful family living in Canada but there has been no details revealed by Daniel so far.

The hardest thing for him to be on the show was that being away from his family members and friends as he had revealed while answering a question for BBCAN season 11. 

Journey in Big Brother Canada So Far

The journey of Daniel so far has been quite successful as he is one of the finalists reaching the finale week of BBCAN season 11. However, there are other three members who also seem quite strong and confident about the upcoming episodes but fans of Daniel would want him to become the winner. It was Ty who had told everyone that he nominated Daniel because Anika has had her fair share of times on the block.