The Last Of Us is an American post-apocalyptic drama television series. The series is based on a video game of the same name that was released back in the year 2013. The very first season arrived on HBO and Sky Deutschland only in March 2023. Soon after its arrival viewers from all across the globe went crazy about the series.

The last of us audition

The series was able to get an excellent rating from the viewers and as well as from the critics as well. It was bound to happen that viewers and fans from all across the globe will be wishing for another season. Well, there have been some major updates about it. Read below to know more about the second season. 

The Last Of Us Season 2 Audition 

Auditions for the second season of The Last of Us were supposed to happen earlier this week. But, due to some circumstances, it was put to hold. However, we hope that the audition process will be starting anytime soon because it is expected that the filming will begin in 2024 in Vancouver. 

The Last of Us Season 2 Resumes Planning After WGA Strike

The Last of Us casting team were asking actors to read sides that were taken directly from ‘The Last of Us Part II’ which was the video game. It was hoped that the second season would be based on the second part of the video game only because of the fact that at the time there were no scripts for the second season of the television series. There is a high hope that the filming will begin 2024 in Vancouver. 

Co-creator and showrunner of the show was seen with his fellow Writers Guild of America (WGA) members recently. This is because of the fact that there are no scripts to work on which is why he is not currently doing any kind of writing or producing work for the second season, in keeping with WGA strike guidelines.

Neil Druckman who has served as the co-creator and as well as writer and creative director on the games is also not currently working for season 2 of the show. 

Will It Be Released In 2023?

The Last of Us season 2 was renewed quite early and looking at the viewership and its vast popularity creators of the show will be taking some time to bring the second season.

It is being speculated that the second season will begin its production in 2024 which means that the second season will be arriving in 2025. This gives a clear-cut indication that there is no chance that creators will be able to release episodes in 2023. 

Has Filming Started For The Last Of Us Season 2?

The filming for the second season is expected to start in the fall of 2023. However, it is still not very clear that the filming will be beginning this fall. This is because some sources reveal that the production will begin in 2024 which will only postpone the release date for the second season.

Cast Changes & Updates For The New Season

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will be back once again reprising their roles in the second season. They have been proven to be critical for contributing to the success of the show.

There has been some hiccups about Ramsey being recast due to the five-year-jump that occurs in ‘The Last of Us Part II. However, it has been revealed that the creators will be continuing with Ramsey in the second season. 

Gabriel Luna has also hinted that he will be back for the second season to play Tommy. As he is married to Maria, it is possible that Rutina Wesley will be returning as well. There is also some news that the creators will be looking for some fresh new faces. As of now several auditions will be taking place for the second season where we will be seeing some new faces. 

The Last Of Us Season 2 Audition Process

The Last of Us season 2 was preparing for its auditions for its upcoming season but was put on hold due to a lack of script for the second season as writers were on strike. However, it is likely that the audition process will be starting soon since filming is yet to take place.

Actors and actresses from the previous season will be lining up and most probably will be seen in the upcoming season as well. Lead actresses Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal are confirmed for the second season. 

If you are interested in being a part of the upcoming season then I suggest you talk to your agent about it so that he can get you onboard for the audition process. You can also follow the official social media handles of the show so that you can get all the latest updates about their second season casting and audition process.

It is very likely that the showrunners will be waiting for someone who has got previous experience. 

How To Apply For The Last Of Us Auditions?

You can either talk to your casting agent about it or in case the original network or the showrunners want to recruit through social media you would have to follow them on their official social media pages and accounts. These are the only ways for applying for the upcoming season.

However, if you are a renowned actor and the casting team is interested to have you on board then you will be contacted by them about the audition process or may even get a chance to work with the team right away.