It is time for the epic battles to begin in the 14th episode of season 12 of The Voice Australia. Contestants who will be appearing in this episode will go head to head against each other. Just like always it is going to be a tight competition and only the best one will be advancing forward.

This episode will witness contestants from team Guy and team Jason while in the next episode viewers will witness the battle between the other two judges.

The Voice Battles Performances

JasonCalista vs. Maree“Fall In Line”
GuyRobbie vs. Charlie“Chasing Cars”
JasonEtienne vs. Ethan“Ceilings”
GuyElly vs. Marley“I Can’t Make You Love Me”
GuyBella vs. Jaydean“The Bones”
JasonAndrew, Alex, Callum“You Raise Me Up”
The Voice Battles Performers & Semifinalists

Jason and Jessica’s Opening Performance : A closer look at the coaches’ captivating opening performance

The episode began with coaches Jason Derulo and Jessica Mauboy with their new song/album, ‘Give You Love’. Jessica Mauboy was the one starting with her incredible voice in this episode. Within a couple of minutes singer and dancer Jason appeared on the stage.

The coaches were enjoying themselves while Jessica and Jason performed on the big stage. All in all, it was an incredible performance and was indirectly a performance that they wanted their contestants to perform. Crowd cheered and applauded for the two as they ended their performance in style.

Team Jason’s Battle: Calista vs. Maree

First to come up for the battle round was from Team Jason’s team. Coach Jason Derulo chose artists Calista and Maree. The song that Jason sang was ‘Fall In Line’.

It was supposed to be different for the two artists. Both the artists have to understand each other so that they can give their best in the battle round. Viewers witness talking to the duo before the battle explaining to them what he expects from them out of this song. 

Jason wants to see something different and also have an unique experience at the same time. The duo started off softly yet with an incredible voice. Both seemed like they had done a lot of work on this song as it was not easy to perform.

Crowd cheered as they kept their voices both high and low. Jason seemed impressed with the performance and other coaches were enjoying themselves as well. 

The stage was simply on fire with the energetic performance put up by the duo. Guy said that ‘I felt like we were in the colosseum’. Coach Jessica was impressed as well. Jason had to choose one among the two selecting the winner. Jason chose artist Calista after a stressful decision by the coach while Maree had to leave for home.

Team Guy’s Battle: Robbie vs. Charlie

Contestants Robbie and Charlie are up next from team Guy. Guy Sebastian was seen talking to the duo before the performance. We see the contestants talking about how the contest is going to be tough competing against each other.

Guy chose the song, Chasing Cars for the duo. Both Charlie and Robbie were seen doing a bit of rehearsal and Guy seemed to be quite impressed with their emotional voices. 

It felt like it was going to be one of the most difficult decisions that coach Guy Sebastian would have to make because these two guys were simply amazing.

They just know what they want to do and just want to impress the coaches. However, the two appeared on the stage sitting on the piano. Charlie started off the song in a low note followed by Robbie who was simply amazing. 

The high notes and as well as the low notes kept the performance independently standout from any other performances in the history of the show. The youngsters just gave their all but it was the ultimate decision that needed to be made by coach Guy. The duo got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Coach Jessica was simply awe struck. Well, it was time for Guy to make the choice as to which artist will be going to the semi-final. The artist that won the battle was Charlie. 

More Battles with Team Jason: Etienne vs. Ethan

Next up were contestants from coach Jason Derulo’s team. He chose artists Etienne and Ethan for the next battle round.

Both of them have insane vocals and it was obvious that the show that they were going to put up was the best one. Both artists did a bit of rehearsal before coach Jason Derulo. But, it was time for the two artists to show their best performance and impress coach Jason. 

Artists Etienne and Ethan were given the song, ‘Ceilings’ by Lizzy Mcalpine. Ethan started off the song with a low note yet a soulful tone.

Within a few seconds Etienne took the stage with her emotional tone and the crowd cheered immediately for the two. The tone of the duo kept changing as the song moved on and it felt like that the duo took it all out on the stage to provide an epic performance. 

Coach Jason was surprised and was proud of the two for which he immediately went to them and gave a loving hug. Coach Rita said, ‘It was amazing.’ But, Jason had to choose only one as the winner of this battle round. Derulo chose artist Ethan as the winner while Etienne had to leave for home. 

Team Guy’s Emotional Battle: Elly vs. Marle (Round II)

Guy chose Elly and Marley for the next round for the battle stage. Guy says that these two are his ‘music teachers’. He says they both are technical and incredible singers. Both were seen appreciating each other’s talents.

Coach Sebastian chose the song, ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ by Bonnie Ratt. It was an emotional song which meant that the duo artists would have to justify their song. Both had unique talents and Guy thought that they could easily get it done. Guy just wants to give the performance from their ‘heart’. 

Both the artists appeared on the stage confidently. Elly started off the song followed by Marley. It seemed like their efforts were finally paying off as they were able to justify the song with their powerful yet emotional vocal tones.

Ellly’s voice was simply different while Marley put up an inexplicable performance. Therefore, it only made it difficult for coach Guy to choose one artist who  will be going to the semi-finals while the other had to go home. 

As soon as their performance was over, the duo received a standing ovation from both the coaches and as well as from the crowd. Guy chose artist Marley who will be going to the semi finals which was his second chance for him while Elly had to leave for home. Both of them were simply amazing and did a great performance in the show. 

Another Round for Team Guy: Bella vs. Jaydean (Round III)

Coming up again from Team Guy was the battle between Bella and Jaydean. Bella didn’t think that they two would be put together for the battle round. Guy chose The Bones by Maren Morris. The duo dia a bit of rehearsal in the episode which the viewers saw. Guy thought that Jaydean was holding back.

Guy asked him to open up as he thought that he could do more. Bella says that she was a bit nervous about the whole thing. This battle was going to be different for the two because it was a new genre for Jaydean while Bella did not have her instrument. 

The performance kicked off from the energetic voice of Bella followed by jaydean. The voice along with the music put up a great show. The duo knew what they were doing on the stage. But, it was not going to be easy because both gave their best and were in great form to get a chance at the semi finals. Jaydean and Bella finish their performance in style. 

Coach Rita was impressed with the performance put up by Jaydean. Coach Jason said that if he was in Guy’s shoes then he would choose Bella. But, it was the decision for Guy Sebastian to make the difficult decision.

The artist that won the battle was Bella while Jaydean had to exit the show. Jaydean says that he has learnt a lot from his journey in the show. 

Team Jason’s Trio Battle: Andrew, Alex, and Callum

This was something different where viewers saw that it was a battle between three contestants. Jason chose artist Andrew, Alex, and Callum for their next round of battles. Jason took two artists in the Ultimate Callbacks which is why this battle would be among three contestants.

Jason chose ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh for his contestants. Coach Jason says that all of the contestants are brilliant and must be able to work with each other. Every contestant was motivated and just wanted to make it to the semi final battles. The throuple appeared on the stage. 

The three seemed like a band that worked for several songs together. The voice of the three almost felt identical which was simply amazing. Callum did a great job with his high note and bringing it back to normal. Coach Rita was just shocked and was left stunned by the performance that the three had put together. Coach Jason was so proud of them. 

Guy said, ‘That was unexpectedly amazing.’ Family members of Andrew were present who also enjoyed their performance. Every artist had their individual moment. Jason thought that he made an incredible team. But, it was time to choose an artist to go to the semi finals.

Jason wanted to take some time to choose the artist. He says that he just wants to make the right decision. The decision would be made later in the show. 

Team Guy (Round III) : The Semifinalists Revealed

Next up was all about picking up an artist who will be going to further stages of the show. The artist that Guy chose for the semi finals was Charlie.

Artists Bella and Marley will be singing for their life to keep them in the competition. Bella Mackenzie sang the song, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey. Yes, she did amazing in this performance too just like her previous one but this one felt something different from Bella. 

Marley came up next with the song, ‘This City’ by Sam Fischer. His individual performance was a great one and was enjoyed by all from the audience and as well as from the coaches.

Marley and Bella sang for their lives. There was one more spot in the semi-final. Guy chose artist Bella for the semi-finals along with Charlie while artist Marley had to end his journey. Team Guy is now locked and loaded for the semi-final. 

Team Lineup for the Semifinals : Looking Ahead to the Semifinals

Jason had to choose two artists for the semi-finals. Jason chose artist Ethan straight to the semi -finals. Etha was simply shocked as he couldn’t believe it. Jason had four artists and he needed to hear them out. Starting off was artist Calista with the song, ‘Mama Knows Best’ by Jessie J. Once again it was a terrific performance by Calista. But, the competition is not going to be easy. 

Andrew came up next with the song, Nessun Dorma by Giacomo Puccini. His voice is different and so was his performance. Next up was artist Alex Jeans who sang, Falling, by Harry Styles. Soon after him came artist, ‘Callum Warrender with the song, ‘Into the Unknown’ from the Frozen 2 movie. 

It was time for coach Jason to make his ultimate decision. Coach Jason did not send artist Calista to the semi finals which was the end of her journey in the show. Coach says that the ultimate decision would be made by the contestants which was surprising. Jason wanted the three of them to join Jason in the semi-finals. Coaches agreed to this decision. 

Contestants talked it through and ended up saying that they were singular artists. Coach chose artist Callum for the semi-finals while Andrew and Alex had to quit the show. If only they had taken up the offer made by coach Jason. It was an epic night with an epic round of battles. 

For team Jason was Ethan and Callum and for Guy had Charlie and Bella in the semi finals.