The Traitors Australia 2023 has finally come to an end. The season has proved to be one of the most entertaining seasons that viewers have ever witnessed. Contestants were worthy of being a part of the season and fans can’t keep up with their excitement for yet another season.

But, as of now let’s recap about the finale episode, the ultimate winner, and the huge prize money received by the winner of The Traitors Australia 2023. 

The Traitors Australia has been one of the famous and hottest shows. For the past three weeks before the finale we have seen Traitors trying everything they can to stay under the radar. 

On the other hand, faithful were eliminated in almost every episode. Unfortunately, participants did everything they could to stay in the game but, were eliminated.

The Traitors Australia Finale

The finale of The Traitors was worth the drama yet having a surprising twist at the end of the episode. For the 2023 winner there is sadly no one to crown as the winner of the season which is quite strange.

The Faithfuls were outnumbered with traitors Sam, Blake, and Camille. Therefore, it would be obvious to guess that Liam and Sarah would be the ones being banished from the game. It was the first Banishment Ceremony where Liam and Sarah had to witness. 

However, Sarah was quickly swayed by the Traitors, and in an unanimous vote, it was Liam who got banished from the game.

During the episode, we see that Liam had made a shocking discovery. He found out that Sam was a traitor and was seeking revenge. He wanted to support Sarah and additionally wanted other contestants like Camille or Blake to vote against Sam. 

There was high tension growing among the contestants as it was obvious that there had been some revelations made. Sam was worried that Blake could betray him as it had happened earlier as well. It was revealed that Blake was plotting against Sam. It was only during the Banishment Ceremony that Liam was banished with rising suspicion from Sarah.

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The Traitors Au Winner 2023

Now, there were only four contestants left in the finale. This means there was one Faithful and three Traitors remaining. It gave rise to the thought about The Traitors Dilemma since the number of traitors were more.

In this case they had to choose between ‘steal or share’. The Traitors decided to share but when the time came to reveal the choices then all of the Traitors had opted to ‘steal’ which did not give an outcome.

Traitors Au Winner Prize Money 2023

The prize money of a whopping $200,000 was left behind while the contestants had to walk away with nothing. Fans were expecting a regular ending where there will be a winner. This was something different and a thing that never happened before in any television show.

With the unexpected outcome there was not much of a choice because there was no result at the end of the finale episode. Fans would not want such things to happen where there are no results at the end of the finale which could dishearten some people. But, this was something interesting which some viewers may have liked.

Wilfred’s Bold Move: Recruit or Die

It was really a hard choice given to Kieran by Wilfred. It was quite natural for Kieran to be stuck and think about the options. He was stuck between a rock and a nearly 100,000-dollar price, so Kieran had to join the Traitors group. It was at that moment the stress within Kieran kicked in.

Now, with only a few Traitors au contestants left in the show, Wilfred’s history began to crack almost immediately. He rallied while other contestants in the show banished Maddy. 

Within a few minutes clever Wilfred whose cloak-and-dagger skills deserved him a job at MI6, realised his winning chance would increase if he exposed Kieran as the Traitor. It was then he exposed Kieran as the Traitor. 

Meryl and Maddy were the final contestants or competitors. Other than Meryl, Hannah, Aaron, and Wilf each voted for Maddy. Unfortunately, she was eliminated with 4-2 advantage on the other side.

Later we all witnessed Wilfred get the ball rolling among the remaining Faithful contestants and he was sowing the seed of doubts in their minds. This was the moment when Kieran realised that his end was very near.

Kieran’s Dilemma: Joining the Traitors

On the other hand, how much Claudia tried to make things dramatic, Kieran was already prepared to die or be exposed. Kieran gave Wilfred the finger before he got eliminated from the show.

Now, Faithful had already exposed Kieran as the Traitor, and they were all persuaded by his remarks to expel the last remaining surviving Traitor, Wilf. Yes, Aaron, Hannah, and Meryl were declared as the winners and they split 101,050 euros among themselves.