Have you watched any devotional programmes? Winning Time is one of those devotional programme that has caught lots of attention from across the globe. Viewers of the show surely had an amazing first-season ride of this show. They were highly desperate and were very much eagerly waiting for the second season. 

Winning Time Season 2 Cast 

The cast of any series, web series, or movie plays a major role in the success. Similarly, the cast  of Winning Time shocked and amazed the audiences and put it on the top of the show.The story of these casts brought every character close to the hearts of every Lakers fan. 

Here are the cast of Winning Time season 2:-

  • John C Reilly 
  • Quincy Isaiah 
  • Jason Clarke 
  • Adrien Brody 
  • Gaby Hoffmann 
  • Tracy Letts 
  • Jason Segel 

Winning Time Season 2 Review 

The second season of Winning Time is already airing now. Needless to say, the story, plot, cast, and direction of the second season are showing good signs of reviews from the audiences. The direction and plot of the series have made a good impression on the viewers and audiences. 

Many critics and reviewers have given amazing comments on the direction and most importantly the cast. Ever since the first season of this show has aired, the cast received immense amount of love and appraisal from reviewers and critics from different parts of the country and world. 

Winning Time Season 2 Trailer 

The second season’s official trailer of Winning Time was released a month ago. In the first few seconds, we can see the official Lakers team coming out to play their match and the fans inside the hall have gone crazy watching them. In a short interview, we can see Quincy Isaiah answering the question “Any advice for your opponents?” He replies “You better watch out.” 

Just a few seconds later we can see the basketball players from the Lakers have won something and they are having a party. They are lifting cups, winning games, having a party, showing skills, and lots throughout the video. Their official coach is asking them to beat LA and have built this team to win. Throughout the trailer we can see the team facing lots of ups and downs but, they are still trying hard to win games. 

Release Date for Winning Time Season 3 

The second season of this show is already premiering and fans are already wondering about the third season. We have no doubt that, if there is a third season then it will be highly famous and will earn good profit. 

Unfortunately, there is no news for a third season of Winning Time. But, we are sure due to its heavy viewers and traffic we are sure the officials will make a third season soon. 

Winning Time Season 2 Episode 

The second season of Winning Time will be releasing a total of eight episodes. Six amazing episodes of the second season have already been revealed and they are streaming on the official streaming platform. 

The remaining episode will have full action games and if you are watching it then do not forget the dates September 17- Episode 7 and Episode 8 on the same day. 

Winning Time Season 2 Recap 

The second season is all about basketball and the overall growth of the team. We can see the Lakers entering a new season and Earvin’s performance is not met with satisfaction. We can also see Larry Bird rising from a small-town boy to a good player in this huge platform. 

The remaining episodes of the second season will talk about the finals where we can see the Lakers playing against the Celtics. 

When Will Willing Time Season 3 Come? 

We understand the concern of the fans, as they are desperately waiting for the renewal status of its third season. As the second season is showing great signs we are sure the officials are bound to make a comeback with a brand-new third season of Winning Time.