Karratha, WA

TJ, a traveler from Zimbabwe, sets on a journey that led him to the town of Karratha. Though it took him some time to adjust to the new place, he eventually found his footing and fell in love with the town’s beauty.

Now, he cannot imagine living anywhere else, as Karratha has become his home. “The coolest thing about Karratha is the infinite sky” saya TJ

NameTJ Zimba
Age24 years
DesignationKarratha, WA
TJ Zimba

TJ has a strong desire to showcase his talent to the world and receive recognition from the audiences and judges. He firmly believes that his performance should speak for itself. In his own words, he says “I’m hoping they see me for who I am”

Singing “Location” by Khalid with TJ’s beat where judges were like starstruck. “I’m in shock at how professional you are”, exclaims Amy, saying “I’m scared of how the other contestants are going to survive in the big bad world with you as a competition“ and well she is absolutely right in his case.

When Marcia asked if TJ would be okay with fitting in with the arrangements made by the others, he replied, “I see every song as if the beat is water, the waves are coming in, and the artist is the lighthouse cutting through the waves.”

Kyle mentioned that he has come across many artists this year, but none like the one he saw. He expressed his admiration by saying, “We don’t have any artist like you who makes their own beats and tracks handling the cameras with such expertise as if you have been working in Vegas floor shows for 20 years.”

TJ got the audition ticket itself in the auditions, too good to wait in the waiting room.

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What is the Nationality of Tj Zimba?

Singer TJ Zimba is a Zimbabwe national.