The Most Anticipated Singing show Australian Idol kicked off with an Emotional Audition of an opera singer’s son “Dylan Wright”.

Dylan is the first contestant on Australian Idol 2024 who got a golden ticket audition. He played Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House during his audition and made Kyle Sandilands cry in front of all & made a spot in top 30 of Australian Idol 2024.

Dylan Wright’s Bio on Australian Idol

Here’s Dylan introduced himself on stage :

“My name’s is Dylan Wright. I m 30, and I’m from Northern rivers or new south wales. “I got two daughters, so it’s a chaotic world.” I always sung. When I was 12, my mum pushed me onto the street to start busking because I was a bit shy.

NameDylan Wright
Audition SongBetter be home soon by Crowded House
ResultGolden Ticket
Dylan Wright Wiki

Woman Behind Dylan Wright: Dylan Wright’s Wife

Georgia is the support system & wife of Dylan Wright. He Met Georgia on first day of high school and till then they are soulmates of a lifetime. Dylan & Georgia have 2 daughters together. Her younger Daughter Katie is a very cool & beautiful kid.

The Emotional Story of Dylan Wright’s Mother That Made Kyle and the Judges Cry

Dylan Wright lost his mother 10 years back. She pursued her passion for amateur opera singing, and it was she who introduced Dylan to singing lessons.

Despite his self-perceived lack of talent, she always encouraged him, praising his efforts and affirming his potential. Her unwavering faith in his abilities continues to inspire him daily, shaping not only his music but also his approach to parenting.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (chronic autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system (CNS)), Dylan’s mother always supported him to sing. However, her health took a devastating turn when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Throughout high school, Dylan stepped into the role of her caregiver, sacrificing his teenage years to support her. Music became his solace, providing a means of release during challenging times.

Reflecting on those difficult years, Dylan imagines his mother urging him to pursue his dreams wholeheartedly, encouraging him to give his all and never hold back. Her determined support remains a driving force in his journey as a musician and as a parent.

What was the cause of Dylan Wright’s mother’s death?

Her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis & lymphoblastic leukemia that caused her death 10 years ago.

What is the name of Dylan Wright’s Daughter?

Katie is the younger daughter of Dylan.

Is Dylan Wright Single?

No, he and his wife Georgia had two beautiful daughters.