Finally, the wait is over for all of those waiting for Nailed it Auditions & Casting Call. There’s been some news in a while regarding the casting for new season of Nailed it.

All you need to Know about the new season of Nailed It

Nailed It is one of those reality shows that have been with us for quite some time now. Fans and critics have seen lots of amazing stuff in this reality show and they are willing to see more of it. This reality series is a bake-off competition show. This American reality show first premiered back on March 9, 2018.

All the season of this amazing series is exclusively available on Netflix. In this bake-off series, we can see three amateur bakers compete to replicate complicated cakes and confectionaries to win a grand prize. 

Yes, it sounds exciting right this is how the show has aired seven successful seasons so far. Other than that, the show has aired two special seasons for all the fans and critics out there. Now, they are waiting for a new season and its confirmation from the officials of the show. 

Is There Going to Be A New Season of Nailed It?

Nailed It has always been a part of the binge list for many Netflix users and viewers. They were desperate for a renewal status for the upcoming new season of this show. Fortunately, the eighth season of the show has already been renewed. 

After the news was released into the press, people went crazy and were very much excited about the new season status. Due to its interesting plot and theme, the show has always been a fan-favourite to many across the world. We are quite sure of the fact that, after the latest season of the show is released it will be a great hit. 

How to Be on the New Season of Nailed It?

To be on a reality show, there are certain terms, conditions, rules, and regulations that the participants and applicants need to follow. Similarly, if you are willing to be a part of Nailed It’s new season or the forth-coming season then it will be a great place for you to be. Additionally, one must ensure that they have followed all the terms and conditions of the show to fit in the show without any harassment. 

All the application processes for any Nailed It season are online. So, if you are willing to be on the show you have to fill out your application form online. Some of the basic terms and conditions are the following:-

  • All candidates must be at least 18 
  • All candidates must be a citizen of the United States 
  • Must not have a criminal background 
  • All the documents of the applicants must be valid and up-to-date

Other than the basic terms and conditions, there are many other company terms and conditions which need to be fulfilled. Visit this official website of the show for all terms and conditions details and list Terms & Conditions | Nailed It.

Casting Process for Nailed It 

Casting process is one of the major parts to get a part in the show. If you are desperately willing to take a part then, make sure you impress the selectors. Now, here is the casting process for Nailed It:-

  • First you need to fill out the application form through the official production company’s website 
  • After you have filled out the application form you are required to film an audition tape of you following a recipe, including decorating. You are also required to explain why you love to cook or bake, and the reason why you are applying for it 
  • Ensure that you showcase your talent properly and your personality in that short video. This will attract all the attraction from the selectors and that is how you will be cast

How to Apply for Nailed It Auditions? 

Here is the process of how one can apply for Nailed It auditions:-

  • The first step is to fill out the application form which is available on Magical Elves, which is the production company of the show. Applicants must know that the application process is a bit intensive and they will ask lots of questions 
  • Through the Nailed It application process they will ask you to be somewhat familiar with the ins and outs of a kitchen. It will request you to provide the names and contact info of two references who can vouch for your ability
  • Then you have to film and submit your audition tape and submit it. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Nailed It Auditions? 

Here are the eligibility criteria and requirements for Nailed It auditions:-

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old and not below that 
  • All the candidates must be the US citizen 
  • Anyone must not be running a political office, or they must not be involved with the production of the program 
  • Candidates must be available to spend 2 weeks in Los Angeles to film the show 
  • All the candidates must have a deep passion to bake 

How to Prepare for Nailed It Auditions? 

Here are some tips on how to prepare for Nailed It auditions:-

  • Be patient- When you have a passion for cooking or baking, you must be patient during the process. One must it is an art and without patience, you could lose your spot for the upcoming Nailed It auditions
  • Conduct research- Researching for the latest updates regarding baking and its industry is very important. Ensure you have conducted deep research regarding the company and your cooking skills as well
  • Study the rules- Before applying for the show, you must know all the rules and regulations. Doing this will help you understand the show better and how to participate in it 
  • Decorative/Innovative- Yes, you must be innovative in this field as you need to serve the people and the food must look attractive.

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