The Amazing Race Canada has blown up to be one of the most popular television shows in Canada & United States as the renowned show is binge-watched by millions of people, and adults who star in the show have catapulted to stardom.

When a show becomes as popular and successful as The Amazing Race Canada has become, the casting directors become more selective with who they choose to audition for or attend casting calls.

Amazing Race Canada Cast

Usually, at this point in a series, you see more privately negotiated castings between directors and talent agencies and agents, but here The Amazing Race Canada accepts round-year applications for The Amazing Race Canada casting. You can easily submit your audition video & complete The Amazing Race Canada registration 2024.

If you want to participate in the series you’re probably going to need a partner having a significant amount of experience with you.

Here in this article, we have explained the complete process for The Amazing Race Canada audition.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for The Amazing Race Canada Audition 2024

Although there are not many criteria for Amazing Race casting, here are some of the main requirements :

  • The candidate should be a minimum of 18 years old to apply for the competition, however, there is some exemption for the following states: Alabama: 19 years or older DC: 21 years or older Mississippi: 21 years or older Nebraska: 19 years or older
  • The candidate must have registered for the Amazing Race Race application portal
  • The applicant should be available for the shooting span of the show which is usually 25-30 days.

Amazing Race Canada Audition Season 10

Amazing Race Casting is open & applications are open around the year. Interested duos are instructed to register for the auditions & fill in the complete details of the team.

After registration, an audition video needs to be attached to the application. If your application is approved by judges & directors, you will be notified via email & registered contact details. Else you wouldn’t receive any notification for the same.

Documents Required for Amazing Race Canada Application 2024

Here is the list of documents & other requirements for the Amazing Race Canada application 2024 :

  • Valid Canada Passport
  • Valid International Driving License
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Residency in Canada
  • One photo of yourself;
  • One photo of your teammate;
  • One photo of both you and your teammate together
  • A video of you and your partner/teammate that is no more than 3 minutes or 100MegaBytes.
  • Do not add any music to your application video.

Social Media Details for Amazing Race Canada Audition

  • Applicant’s Twitter Handle
  • Applicant’s Instagram Handle
  • Applicant’s Facebook
  • Applicant’s Personal Website or Other

How to apply for the Amazing Race Canada Audition season 10?

To apply for Amazing Race Canada Casting season 9, you will be asked following questions so be ready with these answers:

Q. What’s motivating you to WIN season 9 of the The Amazing Race Canada TOGETHER?

Q. What has been one of the most defining moments of EACH of your lives that has given you a new outlook on life?

Q. Give us an example of what kind of competitive nature you would bring to The Amazing Race Canada.

Q. What previous team(s) from The Amazing Race Canada do you most identify with and why?

Q. Have you ever applied for the The Amazing Race Canada before? If yes, which season(s)?

Q. What is the most important thing we need to know about you and your Teammate?

Watch the following video

Create a clip

We adore those that aren’t afraid to let their individuality shine through. Make sure you’re at peak performance and have heaps of energy before shooting the video. Applicants working in tandem should highlight their strengths and weaknesses as a unit in their application.

Apply Online

Get ready to apply online by saving a recent, close-up photo of yourself on your computer.

Submit a Photo & Video

Please submit a video and photo along with your online application. If we’re interested in you for a role, we’ll get in touch with you via phone or email.

Latest Updates from The Amazing Race Casting Team

What is the audition date for Amazing Race Canada auditions 2024?

The Amazing Race casting is done throughout the year but applications are reviewed between 1 July – 30 September every year.

Is Amazing Race accepting applications?

The applications for the 10th season have not begun yet, keep visiting this link weekly for updates:- the amazing race website.

What is the deadline for Amazing Race Canada 2024?

You need to apply before 6th January 11:59 EST otherwise your application would be considered for next year only.