On 30th March, this year (2023), Anica posted on her social media accounts that, she was very much excited to be on Canada’s Got Talent as contestant. This was her audition for the Golden Buzzers of Canada’s Got Talent.

Yes, there was a lot of nervousness in her as she was going to perform for the first time. But, her forty years of practice were going to speak for her in the audition. Before the audition, she revealed that music had never felt bad for her, instead it was always there for her to protect her and give her comfort.

Anica’s Golden Buzzer Performance on Canada’s Got Talent

She walks the stage with full confidence and talks a little about her childhood and the abuses she faced as a child. Judges before her were more ready than ever to sing her song and then she starts singing ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia. While singing it felt like she was connecting to the audience along with the judges only because of her singing skills. After her song ended, all the judges stood up and gave a standing ovation to Anica.

Because of her amazing singing skills and her deserving to be on the worldwide stage, she receives the first Golden Buzzer from Lindsay Ell. So, this was her beautiful story about the famous Canada’s Got Talent’s Golden Buzzer moment. 

Biography of CGT Golden Buzzer Winner Anica

Anica is a self-taught and multi-talented singer. She is from Grand Barachois, New Brunswick. The only reason for what she is today is because she loved doing this ever since she was a child. She has been a talented artist for more than 40 years now and has become one of the best in the field. 

Anica’s childhood was not spent like any other childhood. She was in nine different foster homes, however, in the last one that she was present in, they bought her a beautiful guitar. The moment she received the guitar she couldn’t believe that it was her instrument and she could play whatever she wanted. It was music that helped Anica make sense of whatever she went through ever since her childhood days. 

Music gave Anica a voice to share her intention and feelings with the world. Anica believes that she does not want to be visible anymore. This is one of the reasons why she thought of participating in Canada’s Got Talent. 

What is the age of Anica?

Anica has been in the singing career for quite a long time now. She has gained lots of experience and knowledge related to the field that she is in from a young age. She came into the limelight after participating in Canada’s Got Talent and people were amazed by her singing talent including the judging panel. 

Today, Anica is 51+ years old but, her talent in singing looks very young and new to the audience and the whole world. 

Anica Net Worth 

Not all people get a chance to start off their career at an early age. The same happened with Anica, she got very few chances and opportunities to present herself on a big screen. She has not revealed much of her previous performances but, we are sure she has done many and as a result improved her singing skills. 

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact net worth of Anica but, we are sure she has a bright future ahead. She will get lots of opportunities ahead in her life and will make her friends and relations proud. 

Anica’s Journey as a Singer 

Anica started singing at a very young age. She knew what was ahead of her when she was young and knew what would be the right career choice for her. Anica did perform at various stages which is unknown to us at the moment. 

But, her journey of her was a real struggle. Recently, her auditions to Canada’s Got Talent led her to Golden Buzzers. It not only motivated Anica as an individual but, listening to her story all the audience and the viewers were deeply motivated.