Canada’s Got Talent is a talent show that released its very first season back in Mar 2012. The show recently released its second season airing in Mar 2023 and had an extraordinary list of CGT Contestants. The second season of the talent show has recently ended where Jeanrick Fournier has announced the winner of the show.

cgt voting

However, behind the winning title there is an amazing role for voting where people are asked to vote for their favorite contestant and the highest one will be the ultimate winner of the show.

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Role of Voting In Canada’s Got Talent

The role of voting is crucial in deciding the winner of the show. It is not only the judges sitting in front of the contestants that can change the lives of the contestants participating in the talent show. The crowd has got a powerful hand to let someone become the champion of the show and therefore it is important for them to know how voting is done.

There are two voting options for the audience and has the freedom to choose between them. It is either a website vote or a smartphone vote that the audience has to vote. It is through the website where fans are able to vote for their favorite contestant. They need to simply visit the website and create an account and vote for their favorite one. The voting period for each of the episodes lasts for about 24 hours. 

 How To Vote For CGT 2023

Voting is done from the website of the show where audiences would have to create an account and then vote for their contestant which they choose to vote. The process of voting is simple and easy. 

  • Fans and viewers can open their browser 
  • They have to search the official website 
  • They would have to then create an account and join in
  • Once done they will be able to vote for their favorite contestant 

Voting Rules For Canada’s Got Talent

The voting rules are quite simple as fans and viewers only has to visit the official website and cast their vote. But, they need to keep in mind that the voting period is only for 24 hours and they need to do it within that tie limit. A fan or a viewer can only vote three times for their favorite acts from their login ID. 

From Which Episode/When Will Voting Start on CGT?

Voting starts from the first nine of Canada’s Got Talent’s semi-final acts. It is a high time for fans and viewers to vote for their favorite contestant. They will be able to do that from the website by logging in with their ID. 

Can I vote multiple times on Canada’s Got Talent?

Ans: While the voting windows are open, fans are able to cast three votes for their favorite acts. This amount is regulated through the use of login system.

Does only public vote decide about the winner on CGT?

Ans: The judges are the ones who then choose between the second and third popular acts, with a winner of that vote also gaining a place in the final.