Emily Flippen (Survivor USA) Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Emily Flippen is one of the contestants of the 45th season of Survivor USA. If you are a Survivor fan then you will surely know about this amazing contestant who has appeared on the 45th season of the season. Emily Flippen is a 28-year-old Investment.

Emily Flippen’s Journey: From McKinney to Survivor

She came into the limelight after she appeared on this amazing competitive American reality television series. Her hometown is in McKinney, Texas and she currently lives in Laurel, MD. 

Many have become her fans after she appeared on the competitive reality show and they are wondering about some of her notable accomplishments. One of the greatest accomplishments that she has achieved is passing all three levels of CFA exams on her first attempt. Yes, not many geniuses out there can do this at once.

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Emily Flippen’s Biography 

Most of her early life and career is not disclosed to us but, we are sure that she was a bright and amazing student during her student life. But, we did come to know that, when she was 18 years old she got the chance to work with people from many different backgrounds and got many real-life experiences. She has passed all three levels of her CFA test at once. 

When it comes to her professional and career life she is an Investment Analyst. It surely is not easy to become an Investment Analyst. People who aspire to become one require a lot of hard work and dedication. 

Her personal life has not been revealed but, her biggest inspiration in life is her father. She revealed in an interview that, she was guided a lot by her father and it was he who showed her the importance of accepting yourself for who you are. Her hobby is to doting on her cat.  

Survivor USA 45: Emily Flippen’s Audition and Journey

Emily ended up on this amazing competitive show after she sent an application video to the officials. In an interview, she revealed that she was quite angry the morning when she woke up and saw Mike Gabler winning and she was not comfortable with that. Interestingly, she got a call back from the officials the day she submitted her video application. 

To get cast in the 45th season of Survivor USA was one of the most memorable and joyous moments for Emily. On the other hand, the long interviews with the officials were something from which we got to know about Emily Flippen. 

Emily Flippen’s Net Worth: Unraveling the Numbers

CategoryEstimated Net Worth
Professional Income$70,000 per year
Survivor Earnings$20,000 (estimate)
Other Sources of Income$5,000 (estimate)
Total Estimated Net Worth$95,000 (estimate)
Emily Flippen’s Net Worth, Income & Salary

The USA is a great-paying country, the average salary in the country is very strong as compared to many other developed and developing countries. Now, we do not have an exact figure of Emily Flippen’s total net worth but, as per her profession, she makes quite a good amount of money.

The average salary of an Investment Analyst in Laurel is $106400. It seems like Emily Flippen has gained quite the experience in the field so we could expect her total annual income more than the average salary. 

Contestants on Survivor get paid. Unfortunately, the amount is not revealed by the officials but, almost every contestant on the show makes more than $10,000 for their precious time on the show. If they win the finale then we all know what they get as a prize from the officials. 

Emily’s sources of income are only from her professional career. Prior to her current career, she was a part of many organizations and gained experience not only as an Investment Analyst but as a Lead Advisor, Senior Analyst, Internships, and many more. 

Emily Flippen leads a very simple lifestyle. Her Instagram posts are not like any other normal people’s. It seems like she loves being creative in whatever she does. But, through her Instagram post, we can rest assured that she loves her professional life very much. 


Emily Flippen has achieved so much at just 28 years of age. When she was asked what are the three words that describe you? She answered direct, genuine, and aggressive. These are some of the qualities that one requires if they are willing to have a bright and competitive future.

Looking at her personality we can surely feel that she is a very competitive and aggressive woman who wants to achieve everything and never wants to stop. 

Emily Flippen’s thoughts on Survivor and her experience on the show

Emily believes that there are a lot of traditional qualities that she lacks and that is what makes a good Survivor player. She believes that she is out of shape and does not like the outdoors, and other people can find her off-putting. 

Emily Flippen’s advice to aspiring Survivor contestants 

She gives a piece of very simple advice to aspiring Survivor contestants and that is to “live a more interesting life”.