Survivor has come with a brand new season and recently released its first episode. Fans were eagerly waiting to see the latest season and also its contestants. Soon, there will be a selection of favorites among viewers and fans. Let us see in detail all the contestants of Survivor season 45 here in this article.

Survivor USA Contestants – 2023 S5

Name Age Hometown Occupation Social Media 
Austin Li Coon 26Chicago, Illinois Grad student Austin Li Coon (@austinlicoon) • Instagram photos and videos
Brandon Meyer 23Seattle, Washington Software DeveloperBrando Meyer (@brandomeyer) • Instagram photos and videos
Brandon Donlon 26Sicklerville Content producer Brandon Donlon (@brandondonlon) • Instagram photos and videos
Bruce Perreault47Warwick, Rhode Island Insurance agent Bruce Perreault (@bruce.perreault) • Instagram photos and videos
Dee Valladares26MiamiEntrepreneur 
Drew Basile 23Philadelphia Grad student Drew Basile (@drew_basile) • Instagram photos and videos
Emily Flippen 28Laurel, Maryland Investment analyst @flippenemily • Instagram photos and videos
Hannah Rose33Baltimore, maryland Therapist 
Janani Krishnan-Jha24Los AngelesSinger J. Maya (@j.maya) • Instagram photos and videos
Jake O’kane 26Boston Attorney X (
Julie Alley 49Brentwood Estate attorney 
Kaleb Gebrewold29Vancouver Software sales 
Katurah Topps 35Brooklyn Civil rights attorney 
Kellie Nalbandian 29New York City Critical care nurse 
Kendra McQuarrie 31Steamboat Springs, ColoradoBartender 
Sabiyah Broderick 28Jacksonville, North Carolina Truck Driver 
Sean Edwards35Provo, UtahSchool Principal
Sifu Alsup30O’Fallon, IllinoisGym Owner 

Austin Li Coon 

Austin Li Coon is a 26 year old graduate student who is looking forward to having a blast in Survivor season 45. The youngster hails from Chicago and is known for being a part of the Junior Olympics.

The fun-loving character is all set to put his athletic physique into use in this season for the first time of his life. As confident as he is looking forward to this season it is really going to be challenging to become the ultimate winner of the show. 

Brandon ‘Brando’ Meyer 

Brandon Meyer is yet another youngster hailing from Seattle, Washington who will be appearing in the upcoming season of Survivor season 45. He originally belongs to the Belo tribe. The youngster is occupationally a software developer but that knowledge will not be much useful in the show because it will be all about surviving.

During an interview he revealed that playing in this show has been a childhood dream for him which is finally coming true. His strong character and positive attitude could prove fatal to other contestants in the show. 

Brandon Donlon

 A stylish looking handsome young man from Sicklerville, NJ Brandon Donlon is one of the listed contestants in the Survivor show this season. Professionally being a content producer has credited Survivor series saying that this show was the only reason that helped him change his life completely in a good way.

He says that it is his family members who have been a constant support for him throughout his life. But, the main question is not about family support because series like Survivor one would have to be self-dependent throughout. 

Bruce Perreault

Bruce Perreault surprisingly has remained a contestant of Survivor in the previous season as well and will be appearing once again in the upcoming season. The 47-year old comes from Warwick, Rhode Island and will prove that age doesn’t matter if one is eager to chase their dreams and achieve it by working hard.He describes himself as ‘energetic’ which is one thing for the other contestants to worry about throughout the season. But, even though he was not the winner in the previous season, we wish him all the luck for the upcoming season. 

Dee Valladares 

Dee is a young woman aged 26 from Miami, Florida who is a contestant in Survivor season 45. Even though her hometown is in Havana, Cuba she currently resides in Miami. The youngster describes herself as ‘wildly enthusiastic’ which only time will tell if it is true.

She is an entrepreneur by occupation and has a fit physique to be able to compete in this series of Survivor. It is surprising that she started her own business at the age of 23 which also proves that she has got a winning attitude. 

Drew Basile

Drew Basile is a 23 year old graduate student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was born and brought up in Birmingham and describes himself as smart, witty and dynamic. He chose to be on Survivor 45 because he thinks it is the ultimate test of character.

Well, he is very true about that and it is only a matter of time before we can see what he can reach in the season. The youngster has even worked at a call center a few years before during the time of the pandemic and he thinks that his experience out there could help him here. 

Emily Flippen 

Flippen is a 28 year old investment analyst who will be appearing in the latest season of Survivor 45. She describes herself as ‘aggressive’ which is a strong characteristic one should possess to be able to compete in a series like Survivor.

When she was just 18 years old, she had moved to Shanghai for her studies and this change in her life could help her in the series as she revealed during an interview. We wish all the luck for her in her upcoming journey in the series. 

Hannah Rose 

Hannah Rose is a contestant from Survivor season 45 hailing from Woodbridge, CT but she is currently residing in Baltimore City, MD. She works as a therapist and has decided to play in the Survivor series this season. She wants to push her limits by taking part in the series.

She says that she is ready to face physical, mental, and emotional challenges in her upcoming journey in the show. She also revealed that it is one of her favorite shows and is very glad to be a part of it. 

Janani “J Maya” Krishnan-Jha

Janani is another contestant of the show and is another youngster who could prove to be a strong competitor to other contestants in the series. The 24-year old is educationally a singer with her hometown in San Francisco but is currently residing in Los Angeles.

The young talented singer has got great physique and is the perfect cast who could make it to the finale of the show this season. But, it is not going to be so easy. 

Jake O’Kane

Born in Nov 1996, Jake O’Kane is 26 years old from Boston, Massachusetts. He is an attorney who was living a great life but it is time to experience a different kind of thing like facing a series of physical and mental challenges. He finished his law school while he was working two jobs.

All this proves that Jake is persistent and can have a fair chance of winning the season this year. He feels that the experience that he had while giving his bar exams could benefit him in the game. 

Julie Alley

Julie Alley is a 49-year old single mother who has faced a lot of difficulties and challenges in her life. She lives in Brentwood, TN and works as an estate attorney and at the same time is the strong supportive mother of her two children.

Julie Alley

She always loved watching Survivor series which is also the reason why she wanted to be a part of it ever since. She wants to prove to all women at the age of 40 or above that they can still have the chance to chase their dreams and accomplish it. 

Kaleb Gebrewold 

29 year old Kaleb is from Canada. He works as a software salesperson there who decided to be a part of the Survivor season 45 journey. He says that he has got the required skill sets to make it to the finale in the show.

His family and friends from his hometown back in Canada will be looking forward to him in the series this year. It is going to be a big moment for him and for his family. 

Katurah Topps

Katurah hails from Brooklyn, New York and is a Civil Rights Attorney. Her entry in the reality show is all about proving herself. She believes she has got the ability to become the ultimate winner because she possesses all those abilities.

She has faced many hardships growing up like being the victim of poverty which is one of the greatest challenges one could face in their life. We wish her all the best for her upcoming journey in the show. 

Kellie Nalbandian

29 year old Kellie Nalbandian is all set to appear in the upcoming season of Survivor. Her hometown is Weston, CT but she is currently residing in New York. She works as a critical care nurse and is motivated to be on the reality show.

Her experience working as a nurse since she was 18 years old has taught her many things which she thinks she can put to use in this season. It is going to be a tough journey for her but we wish her all the luck. 

Kendra McQuarrie 

Kendra works as a bartender and is the 30-year old who is eager to participate in the upcoming season of Survivor season 45. She describes herself as ‘enthusiastic’ which is one thing that she will be requiring the most to survive in this season. She is all set to be facing the series of challenges that is thrown at her. 

Sabiyah Broderick 

Sabiyah Broderick is a 28-year old truck driver who will be appearing in the upcoming season of Survivor. His hometown is in Locust Grove but is currently living in Jacksonville, NC. he believes that participating in Survivor will test your spirituality apart from mentality, physicality and emotion.

Even though he currently works as a truck driver, he has got experience in the US Marine Corps which he thinks could benefit him in the future. 

Sean Edwards

Born in June 1988, this school principal is set to bring a massive change in his professional life. He hails from Utah and is 35 years old who could prove that life is not always about being serious.

He always wanted to be a part of the show and today he is getting a massive opportunity to prove himself to the world. Well, we hope for the best for him in his journey. 

Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup

Sifu Alsup is a gym owner from O’Fallon. The 30 year old will be debuting in the upcoming season of Survivor. He is an outgoing person so he describes this about himself.

He knows what could be done to become the winner of the series but only time will tell where he will end up. He is going to be a strong constant who will know his role and duties well.