What About The Survivor Season 46?

Original network, CBS will be airing its 45th season in September of Survivor reality show. The series has shown immense entertaining qualities to its viewers which was loved and was well-received by the critics as well.

Created by Charlie Parsons the series first aired with its first season back in the year 2000 and today there are some rumors about the show being renewed for its 46th season. The show has come a long way and fans hope that the show keeps running in the upcoming years as well.

September 2023 will be witnessing a brand new season of the reality game show where contestants are stranded on a remote island where they must complete a series of tasks/activities to win the prize money.

However, this may come as a piece of surprising news for the fans that this time official network, CBS has not confirmed the renewal of its 46th season. This is because CBS usually airs two cycles per broadcast season but this time it seems like that is not the case. The 46th season is expected to take place in early 2024.

Application and Registration Requirements For Survivor 46

The official website of CBS is the go-to destination for getting the latest updates about the application and registration requirements.

Therefore, interested contestants/applicants who wish to take part in the upcoming season (which is expected to air in 2024) can go visit the official website, register themselves, and fill out the application form. The process is quite simple where applicants would just have to follow the necessary steps and fill out the asking details. 

Some basic requirements for the application and registration process are having a picture of yourself and a standard video saved onto your desktop so that you can fill out the application in one sitting.

Make sure you provide all information correctly and you must not refresh your browser while you are at it because all your progress will be lost and you will have to start afresh.

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How To Join Audition For Survivor 46?

Auditioning for Survivor season 46 is super easy and simple. But, before anything else, one must check their eligibility for participating in the show. In case you have any doubts or have questions in mind then you must visit the website and surf through the FAQs section. This is where you can find most of the solutions for your queries. 

In order to audition for Survivor 46 you have to prepare a self video. Visit the official website to get crucial video tips so that you know what kind of video needs to be made and uploaded.

Proper lighting with proper audio and clear video is mandatory to join the audition for Survivor 46. In case your video is unclear and there are a lot of disturbances from your side then it could disrupt your chance of getting onto the show.

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Audition Venues & Date For Survivor 46

Whenever there is an open casting call you can find the audition venues mentioned in the official website of CBS. These open calls are held by the local CBS affiliates and these people will be putting the applicants on tape which means that candidates would not be required to bring anything except their ID to the open casting call. 

As of now, no open casting calls have been organized for the 46th season. But, candidates and applicants are suggested to keep visiting the official website to get the latest news about the same. Dates and timings along with the venue will be revealed.

Who Is The Host Of Survivor 46?

Emmy-winning American television presenter, Jeff Probst is expected to make his return as the host for Survivor 46. Born on 4th Nov 1961, the 61-year-old is known for being the host in the Survivor series. However, he has done several notable television shows. Some of them include The Jeff Probst Show (2012-2013). 

Survivor 46 Release Date

Survivor 46 will be happening but not just anytime soon. The expected release date for Survivor 46 is around Feb/Mar 2024. The official premiere date is yet to be revealed but interested candidates can start applying for the upcoming season from the official website of CBS.

The 46th season is going to be a 26-day season for which the filming started back in the latter half of May 2023. The competition is once again filming in Fiji which is also the permanent home of the show because of its tax breaks. 


How to join Survivor USA for next season?

Ans: Fill out the application form from the official website of CBS. You must register with your email ID so that you get notified about further updates. 

Where is Survivor filmed?

Ans: Survivor US is filmed in Fiji. Fiji is a country in the South Pacific region which is the permanent home of Survivor because of the tax break. 

How to watch Survivor season 46?

Ans: Viewers can stream all episodes of Survivor on Paramount. Viewers would have to have a subscription. Viewers can also use Hulu. 

How much prize is given to the winner of Survivor on finale?

Ans: The sole survivor of the series takes home a cash prize of $1 million. The runner up, on the other hand receives $100,000.