The Voice USA season 24 is currently underway where viewers are witnessing epic blind auditions episode once every week. Contestants appearing in the blind auditions this season are being accepted in their favorite coach’s team who will once again battle it out among each other until one is remaining.

However, the episodes are not just about accepting every contestant that is appearing on the big stage but there have been some failures as well. In this article we will be talking about some of them who we wish will come back stronger than ever.

Failed Auditions From The Voice Last Episode (Episode 7)

Out of 13 contestants appearing for the blind auditions only three were the ones who were unable to turn the chair of the four coaches. Well, this has always been a part of the show but it is not the reason where contestants should feel bad about because it is only about learning from mistakes. Similarly, the fifth episode which aired the previous night saw three candidates failing to impress the four coaches. 

Colby Cobb 

Age: 19

Hometown: Centre, Alabama

Song: Somebody Else 

Colby was the fifth contestant to appear on the stage on The Voice tonight. Before him whoever had performed got selected and got into one or the other coach’s team.

He did expect the same thing but it seems like luck and fate did not favor him. Colby Cobb started the song emotionally and everyone out there was left speechless. The youngster was advised by coach Gwen that he needed to focus on his tuning. 

Well, he deserved to move forward but it seems like he needed a lot more practice. Gwen encouraged him to  come back here on the stage next time and give his best so that he can make it through the next time. Everybody wanted Colby to make a comeback next season as he later left the stage with a heavy heart. 

Katie Wheatley 

Age: 27

Hometown: Owasso, Oklahoma

Song: The Middle

Katie Wheatley was the 10th contestant to appear on the stage in the previous episode of The Voice. By the time she took the stage, coaches John, Niall, and Reba had got their teams full. Surprisingly, Katie had appeared in the previous season as well but remained unsuccessful in season 23 and her audition went unaired as well.

Well, keeping all those things aside she decided to give it one more try by appearing in this season as well but it seems like she did not make it once again. 

She started off beautifully when she took the stage. The crowd cheered for her instantly and John seemed to have enjoyed her song as well. Her song was beautifully sung but she was not able to impress coach Gwen. She revealed a surprise after her performance saying that she was pregnant and the coaches were surprised by this news and happy for her as well. 

Coach Niall said that her voice felt a bit nervous at the start. Even though she was able to leave a great impression on the coaches she needed a lot of work on her vocals and overall control over her performance.


Ange started so beautifully the song, ‘Beautifully’ by Los Lonely Boys. He kept singing the song and was possibly expecting at least one of the chairs to turn. But, sadly that did not happen. The 23-year old is from St Louis Missouri.

The coaches felt sorry for the youngster but Ange accepted his failure with a smile and great body language. One of the coaches had revealed the reason for his failure was that he was ‘inconsistent’. But, he had so much potential in his voice which is a remark he was sent off with. 

Peter Pinncock

Peter Pinncock was the seventh contestant in the previous episode of the blind auditions. The 27 year old is from Manatee County, Florida who sang the song, ‘Your Man’ by Josh Turner. He had a unique voice with a heavy tone.

Gwen revealed that he was going out of tune during his performance. Peter Pinncock respected the decision made by the coaches and left the stage with a smile on his face. 

Jordan Grace

Jordan Grace was the 12th contestant to appear in the previous episode of The Voice. He is a 31 year old country singer from Nashville, Tennessee/Australia. He sang the song, ‘Let Her Go’ by James Bay which seemed like a beautiful yet an emotional cover. Sadly, his performance did not turn any chairs for him.

Coach Niall Horan wanted to hear some more range from him which is one of the reasons why he was unsuccessful but the coaches appreciated his tone. 

Giuliana Amaral

The 21 year old youngster from New Bedford rocked the stage with the song, ‘Rainbow In The Dark’ by Dio. She started her performance in an energetic way and viewers saw her with a guitar. Coach Niall Horan revealed that he wanted to hear all different kinds of tone and level.

Amaral just kept her voice at one level which was the reason why coach Niall did not turn. The youngster thanked everyone for the opportunity and left the stage. 

David Simmons Jr.

David is a 40 year old artist from Kansas City, Missouri. He was the 7th contestant to appear in the fourth episode of the blind auditions. The song that he chose for his auditions was ‘tainted Love’ by Gloria Jones.

Coach John Legend felt that he was a bit nervous during his performance. Gwen felt that he was unable to connect himself with the lyrics. Well, all in all, it was a no for him and he had to leave the stage sadly. 

Walking Eagle

Walking Eagle is a 27 year old from Fairfax, Virginia who sang the song, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’. He was the 10th contestant out of 11 to appear on the stage for the auditions.

Coach Niall Horan revealed that the song had a couple of pitching issues. John said that his voice ‘is very welcoming’. He needed a lot of practice because it has only been four years since he started singing. We hope that he comes back stronger the next time he performs in such a big stage like The voice.