The fans of the reality show are getting ready to watch the upcoming season of the reality show The Mole. After having six successful seasons of the show the makers of the show have decided to be back soon with season 7 of The Mole.

The show has reached the maximum TRP on Netflix and has got several fans. After streaming fun-to-watch shows many of the viewers wanted to join the show. We have come up with everything that you need to get cast on the show.

Who wouldn’t like to have fun while playing and win the title of winner with the grand prize? Hence if you are interested in playing and winning the show then make sure to apply.

How to Apply for The Mole Casting 2024 (American Season 7)

The show has gained much love with its theme and plot. The show allows the viewers to participate and have fun with the exciting chance of winning the grand prize. After six successful seasons, season 7 of The Mole is going to be cast soon.

If you are aspiring to be on the show then apply for the show with our basic steps mentioned. For applying you just need to fill out the application form on the official website by registering yourself. Once you have filled the application form submit it on the website and wait for the response from the other side.

The casting team will review your application and if your application gets selected you will be called for the interview through your registered details. Make sure to be yourself and fill in all the correct details in the application form while applying for the reality competition The Mole.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for The Mole Casting Season 7 (2024)

Before applying for the show, you need to know if you are eligible or not. The show follows some eligibility criteria that a candidate needs to fulfil. Here we have mentioned the basic criteria of the Mole.

  • You should be 18 years old or above while filling out the application.
  • You should have legal citizenship or residency in the United States or Canada. 
  • You need to be in good health condition physically and mentally to take part in the reality competition The Mole.
  • You must not have any criminal charges against you.
  • Make sure that you will be available for several weeks as the filming can take time. Also, you should be ready to travel to various locations for the filming.
  • You should not have any kind of relationship with the makers, producers, casting agents or any other personnel who are related to the show.

How to Audition for the Mole?

To audition for the show, you need to apply for the show through the application form. As the process states to appear for the auditions you need to fill out the application form available on the official website and once your application form gets selected by the casting team you will be called for the auditions.

In the audition, you need to give a trial on the stage live and if the team likes your trial, you will get cast. You should be available for the auditions when asked. Make sure to be on time. Also, there are possibilities that you may need to give multiple trials in the auditions.

What is the Application Process for the Mole?

Are you someone who has been a fan of the famous reality show The Mole and wanted to join the show? Then here we have to help you with all the details and steps that you need to follow to apply for the reality series The Mole.

  • The very first step to apply for the show is that you need to visit the official website of the show to find the application.
  • Once you have found the website click on create account option and create your account by entering simple details like phone number, email address, and name with any other things that are required.
  • After successfully creating the account, you will be able to access the application form. 
  • Fill out all the required details mentioned in the application form. Be honest while writing about the things like your personality, skills and your experience.
  • After filling out the form check the application form once again and make sure that you have filled the form correctly. 
  • Now Click on the submit button to submit the application form. 
  • Now have patience and wait for the response. If your application gets selected, you will be informed about the interview schedule. 
  • If you get selected, you will be called for the audition. Appear for the audition prepared and if the casting team likes your audition, you will get cast immediately. 

Who is the Host of The Mole in Season 7?

So far, the host of The Mole season 7 has not been announced. But there are possibilities that season 7 may be hosted by the host of season 6 Alex Wagner. However, it is not confirmed.

Who are the Judges of the Mole in Season 7?

The reality competition series The Mole doesn’t have any judges. The show works by participants taking a quiz after each challenge. Where the participants need to assume the identity of the mole and those who couldn’t make the correct assumption get eliminated. So, the participants are the ones who decide, and the show has no judges in the traditional sense.

Audition Venue and Date Time or Location

After submitting the form, the next step involves auditions. Auditions are taken in the offline mode where the candidates need to perform on the stage live for which you need to reach the venue on time. You can find the Venue, Date, Time and Location details as well audition audition-related details on the official website. You can also check the social media pages of the show as nowadays shows have dedicated pages on social media which is a great source of information. lastly, you can stick to us to get all the details of the show.

Who are The Mole Contestants 2023

Season 6 of the reality competition series The Mole had a great impression on the audience with the exciting plots and the wonderful cast. So here we have mentioned all the cast members of The Mole 2023.

Contestants Name Age 
William Richardson29
Greg Shapiro32
Samara Joy25
Sandy Ronquillo26
Jacob Hacker29
Joi Schweitzer40
Pranav Patel29
Dom Gabriel29
Casey Lary39
Kesi Neblett27
Osei White32
Avori Henderson26

Tips For a Successful Audition & Casting 

If you are enthusiastic to participate in the show and want to get cast on the reality show The Mole, then here are some tips to have a successful audition.

  • The first and most important thing while auditioning is on time or reach the venue a few minutes before the scheduled time. 
  • Do not fake yourself. Remember to be always truthful about yourself, your personality, your experience and other things.
  • Make yourself stand out and carry your personality nicely.
  • Be confident about yourself even if you get nervous it’s fine.
  • Have patience and support others. Even if you don’t get selected don’t lose hope and try again.


When is coming back to The Mole in 2024?

The amazing reality competition is expected to come back with the new season in 2024. But the officials haven’t released any confirmation about the coming back of The Mole.

The Mole’ Renewed for Season 7 At Netflix?

Season 6 of the reality show The Mole is available to stream on Netflix. However, after getting the maximum TRP in the last season it is assumed that Netflix will renew for season 7. But there are no official statements from Netflix about the Renewal of season 7 of The Mole.